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Our Story:

The Rotary tools guy story begins over a few years ago when we identified some gap between buying and selling deals and clients want more and accurate information before they make their final buying decision.

Our dedicated team always assists you to choose best options for your buying pattern and currently working around the globe.

Who am I?

I am Wade Williamson a repair guy loves to spend my time to explore different tools for my repair work. I created this site with an intention to provide you most relevant and reliable information about mechanic tools, their accessories, and their uses.

I always fascinate to provide you latest information about the world handiest tools from modern home, office, and auto repair work. I work with a number of professional researchers with huge knowledge and skills in their various fields to serve you plausible information so you can rely on to make better of your everyday repair working life.

I am glad to be launched this site and this platform is assisting hundreds of tools, accessories, their uses and latest reviews presenting to you every month.


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Mission statement

Our aim is to provide information in such a reliable, user-friendly, and simple way so that our clients able to get best out of it and making they’re buying with great pleasant and happy moment.

Our work plan

Our dedicated editors and writers at Rotary Tool guy involve an extensive research on every single tool category they are assigned for.

They do research including online sources, searching journal and magazine databases. Also, they personally examining hundreds of reviews leaves by the marginal owners and includes only that are relevant.

We do not include any biased reviews or customer feedback. We always focus on totally impartial and unbiased relevant product information.

All of our articles contain a comprehensive analysis of every of our recommendations. We try to include the top product available on the internet but we know that a particular product does not work for everyone that is why we offer best alternative options relating to price, size and specific need.


We always provide accurate and trustworthy information and we want to educate every mechanic tools lover that ensures better understanding about tools and accessories.

However, we want your advice to make this platform simpler to meet your requirements. Please advise us if you find any pitfalls from this site.


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