Best Cordless Dremel Rotary Tool Reviews – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

It's a Cordless Dremel 8050Having the best cordless Dremel is very convenient especially if you need a compact but powerful tool. The company’s cordless tools have been improved with a longer battery life so you can get more things done.

There are many kinds of cordless Dremel tools though, so the question now is which one is right for the job?

Here we’ll talk about the different cordless tools from Dremel. I’ve also picked out 6 of their top products.

I’ve also included other info about Dremel rotary tools that you can use as a guide. If you’re having trouble deciding, this guide is for you.

Top 6 Cordless Dremel Rotary Tool: Comparison

Product Speed Power Number of Accessories Dimensions Weight View on Amazon
Dremel 7300-PT 2-speed 6,500 and 13,000 RPM AA batteries 6 3.1 x 1.7 x 1 inches 1.19 pounds Check Price
Dremel 8220-1/28 Variable 5,000 – 33,000 RPM Lithium-ion battery 28 4 x 13.8 x 9.3 inches 1.6 pounds Check Price
Dremel 8050-N/18 Variable 5,000 – 28,000 RPM Lithium-ion battery 18 9.8 x 6.5 x 3.8 inches 1.1 pounds Check Price
Dremel 7700-1/15 2-speed 10,000 and 20,000 RPM 7.2-Volt Ni-Cad battery pack 15 10.5 x 5.5 x 3.1 inches 1.5 pounds Check Price
Dremel 7000-N/5 2-speed 7,000 and 14,000 RPM AA batteries 5 8.1 x 4.4 x 2.2 inches 12.8 ounces Check Price
Dremel 7300-N/8 2-speed 6,500 and 13,000 RPM Ni-Cad battery pack 8 8.1 x 4.4 x 2.6 inches 1.4 pounds Check Price

Best Picks of Cordless Dremel Rotary Tool

[p_box] [p_title] #1: Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool[/p_title] [p_content] [image_align align=”left”]Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool[/image_align] The 7300 PT Dremel cordless rotary tool kit is built expressly for pet grooming. However, it is compatible with other Dremel accessories and bits so you can use this for other rotary tool applications.

The 7300 PT is safer than clipping and is less likely to scare your pet. With its 2-speed mechanism you can adjust the speed to grind and trim your pet’s nails.

The 7300 PT also has a sanding drum that allows you to safely trim his toenails. Unlike clips, the 7300 PT is safe and doesn’t cause discomfort.

The tool is compatible with other Dremel accessories so you can use this to grind, cut, polish and perform other rotary tool tasks. To change the bit, unscrew the top, put the bit in and fasten the bit.

The two speed options are 6500 and 13,000 RPM. These are not only ideal for grooming pet nails, but it’s also good for various rotary tool jobs.

A 3 hour charger is included, and with 4.8 volts of power you’ll get a lot of trimming done on the 7300 PT. Its properties are also suitable for small DIY tasks that don’t require a powerful rotary tool.

The 7300 PT is a small rotary tool, but it gets the job done where it counts.

[su_box title=”Highlighted Features” radius=”0″ class=”pros hf”][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#7bc542″]
  • Safe and effective for clipping pet nails
  • 2-speed option
  • Easy to use
  • Bits are easy to insert
  • Compatible with all Dremel accessories
  • 1/2 inch sanding bands included
  • Rechargeable battery
[/su_list][/su_box] [su_youtube_advanced url=”” controls=”no” rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes” https=”yes”] [p_btn url=”″] [/p_content] [/p_box] [p_box] [p_title] #2: Dremel 8220-1/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool[/p_title] [p_content] [image_align align=”right”]Dremel 8220-1/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool[/image_align]

The 8220 is considered by many as one of, if not the best cordless rotary tool available. Its compact design makes it easier to use this in tight spaces where other rotary tools cannot fit.

The 8220 sports an ergonomic design so it won’t wear you out. The tool works with all Dremel accessories and comes with 28 of its own.

The 8220 has a quick collet lock so you can easily switch attachments and accessories. With its powerful motor the 8220 can handle more heavy tasks than the average cordless rotary tool.

The 8220 takes just an hour to fully charge, and this is good news if you hate waiting for hours just to use the tool again. The 8220 also has the EZ Twist nose cap wrench for changing of accessories.

A multipurpose cutting guide attachment is included as well as cutting, grinding, sanding and polishing bits. 401 and 401 mandrels are included too.

Its 561 multipurpose cutting bit and 426 cutting wheel are convenient and can be used on different materials. If you need to grind or sharpen something you can use the aluminum oxide grinding stone and grinding wheel.

Polishing objects is also easy as the tool comes with four 429 1” felt polishing wheels, four 425 emery polishing wheels and 414 polishing wheel.

[su_box title=”Highlighted Features” radius=”0″ class=”pros hf”][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#7bc542″]
  • Has 28 accessories
  • Compatible with all Dremel accessories and attachments
  • Charges in an hour
  • Good for light and heavier tasks
  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable grip
  • Built from high quality materials
[/su_list][/su_box] [su_youtube_advanced url=”” controls=”no” rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes” https=”yes”] [p_btn url=””] [/p_content] [/p_box] [p_box] [p_title]#3: Dremel 8050-N/18 Micro Rotary Tool Kit with 18 Accessories[/p_title] [p_content] [image_align align=”left”]Dremel 8050-N/18 Micro Rotary Tool Kit with 18 Accessories[/image_align]

The Dremel 8050 rotary tool is built for cutting, sanding, polishing and grinding. With its compact ergonomic design, the 8050 is also ideal for use in hard to reach areas.

To use the 8050 you just hold it like a pen, giving you better precision without compromising comfort. Its LED smart features include a fuel gauge and a variable speed guide to aid your work.

The 8050 front end light makes it easier for you to do your work. Powered by an 8V lithium ion battery, the rotary tool doesn’t suffer from memory effects so it can be recharged anytime.

Dremel 8050-N/18 Micro Rotary Tool Kit

Speaking of charging, the 8050 docking station allows you to keep charging the device.  Again this is a convenient feature as you don’t have to guess if the rotary tool is charged or not.

The 8050 comes with a 426 fiberglass cut off wheel, a couple of high speed cutters (191 and 125) and a 105 engraving cutter. Together these bits serve as the cutting, carving and engraving tools.

The 8050 is also bundled with a 401 and 402 mandrel and a wrench. The accessories also include a 407 sanding drum and a couple of 1/2” sanding bands.

The 8050 also comes with several cleaning and polishing accessories and also those for grinding and sharpening.

[su_box title=”Highlighted Features” radius=”0″ class=”pros hf”][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#7bc542″]
  • Comes with 18 accessories
  • Comfortable to use
  • LED smart lighting
  • Has a fuel gauge
  • Variable speed indicator
  • Docking station to keep the unit charge
  • 2 screw mandrels and wrench included
[/su_list][/su_box] [su_youtube_advanced url=”″ controls=”no” rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes” https=”yes”] [p_btn url=”″] [/p_content] [/p_box] [p_box] [p_title]#4: Dremel 7700-1/15 MultiPro 7.2-Volt Cordless Rotary Tool Kit [/p_title] [p_content] [image_align align=”right”]Dremel 7700-1/15 MultiPro 7.2-Volt Cordless Rotary Tool Kit[/image_align]

This Dremel cordless rotary tool has 7.2 volts powering it, and the 2-speed option (10,000-20,000 RPM) allows you to set the right speed to suit your project.

The 7700 is bundled with 15 accessories so you can cut, grind, sharpen and so on. A one hour charger is included, and its LED light lets you keep track of the charge.

The ergonomic handle keeps you comfortable and its light weight means you can take it anywhere. You also get a garden tool and lawn mower sharpener.

The 7700 comes bundled with a 540 1-1/4-inch cut off wheel and a 420 emery cut off wheel. Together they’re ideal for cutting various metals and woods.

The 7700 has sharpening and grinding accessories as well. Three are aluminum oxide and one is silicon carbide, all of which are effective in honing objects.

The 7700 is also packed with sanding bands and a drum sander. In spite of all the features you’ll find this is still a handy tool and easy to use.

The 7700 packs enough power for some DIY tasks and all sorts of materials. While it’s a basic rotary tool, it can do a lot more than the typical rotary tool.

A clear case is included for storing thee accessories, and you also get a poster explaining the bits and attachments.

[su_box title=”Highlighted Features” radius=”0″ class=”pros hf”][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#7bc542″]
  • Has a LED light that indicates its charging
  • 15 accessories included
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to remove Ni-Cad battery pack
  • 2-speed RPM
  • Ergonomic design
  • 2 volts power
[/su_list][/su_box] [su_youtube_advanced url=”” controls=”no” rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes” https=”yes”] [p_btn url=””] [/p_content] [/p_box] [p_box] [p_title]#5: Dremel 7000-N/5 6-Volt Cordless Two-Speed Rotary Tool [/p_title] [p_content] [image_align align=”left”]Dremel 7000-N/5 6-Volt Cordless Two-Speed Rotary Tool[/image_align]

The Dremel 7000 N/5 is for those who don’t need an ultra powerful rotary tool. If you just need to use a rotary tool on occasion, the 7000 is a good choice.

The tool needs just 4 AA batteries (not included) and it’s ready to go. Now you just choose the speed – 7000 or 14,000 RPM – and get to work.

The 7000 comes in at 6 ounces so it’s one of the lightest in the Dremel class. With 6 volts of power it’s got the means to sand, detail and shape.

Dremel 7000-N/5 6-Volt

Adjusting the speed is easy and since it’s lightweight you’ll be able to use it for extended periods.

The package includes 5 accessories, including a 401 mandrel, a sanding band with mandrel and a 120 grit, polishing wheel and a silicon carbide grinding stone.

The 7000 doesn’t have as many accessories as other Dremel tools. But for light duty tasks these will be enough.

Not everyone needs a powerful rotary tool, and if you’re among those will find this useful. It’s also ideal for grinding and trimming pet nails.

The 7000 rotary tool is one of the better compact models that Dremel has made. It does a good job preserving batteries so you won’t need to buy a new pair often.

If you’re looking for a battery powered rotary tool, the 7000 is worth looking into.

[su_box title=”Highlighted Features” radius=”0″ class=”pros hf”][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#7bc542″]
  • Compact design
  • Ergonomic features
  • Suitable for light tasks
  • Lightweight
  • 2-speed RPM
  • 401 mandrel included
  • Consistent performance
[/su_list][/su_box] [su_youtube_advanced url=”” controls=”no” rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes” https=”yes”] [p_btn url=””] [/p_content] [/p_box] [p_box] [p_title]#6: Dremel 7300-N/8 MiniMite 4.8-Volt Cordless Two-Speed Rotary Tool [/p_title] [p_content] [image_align align=”right”]Dremel 7300-N/8 MiniMite 4.8-Volt Cordless Two-Speed Rotary Tool[/image_align]

The Dremel 7300 MiniMite is a compact but versatile rotary tool, ideal for light, delicate tasks. With its 2-speed design – 6500 – 13,00 RPM – you’ll be able to use the 7300 for different types of projects.

The tool comes with 8 accessories including a charger, battery and wrench. Together with the other attachments you’ll get greater functionality.

The MiniMite weighs just 1.4 lbs so it’s not going to wear you out even with extended use.  The tool is encased in plastic housing, but make no mistake about it, the housing is durable.

The 7300 comes with an 84922 silicon carbide grinding stone that also doubles up as a sharpener. For cleaning and polishing you also get a 428 3/4-inch carbon steel bristle brush and 414 felt polishing wheel.

Once you’re done cutting and shaping just use the 408 1/2-inch 60 grit sanding band and the 407 1/2-inch 60 grit sanding drum. A mandrel is included so the essential sanding tools are bundled here.

The package also contains a 401 mandrel and a couple of 445 1/2-inch 240 grit sanding bands. A Ni-Cd battery and charger are provided.

In terms of performance, the MiniMite delivers and is one of the most consistent in its range.

[su_box title=”Highlighted Features” radius=”0″ class=”pros hf”][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#7bc542″]
  • Great for small tasks
  • 2 speed option
  • Compatible with many Dremel accessories
  • Has a 2 year warranty
  • Comes with 8 accessories
  • Light but durable plastic housing
  • Ergonomic handle
[/su_list][/su_box] [su_youtube_advanced url=”″ controls=”no” rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes” https=”yes”] [p_btn url=””] [/p_content] [/p_box]


What is a Cordless Dremel Tool?

The Dremel cordless rotary tool is known by a couple of other names:

[su_list icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#329d40″]
  • Battery Operated Dremel Rotary Tool
  • Portable Dremel Rotary Tool
  • Cordless Dremel

No matter what it’s called it amounts to the same thing: it is a cordless rotary tool, running on batteries rather than a cord.

Cordless rotary tools run on AA, lithium ion or Ni Cad. Ni Cad and lithium ion are rechargeable.

These tools are designed for metal and/or woodworking, and they can be used for creating sculptures, home improvement projects etc. By changing bits you’ll be able to use the tool in different ways.

What is a Cordless Dremel Tool Used For?

[su_list icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#329d40″]
  • A cordless Dremel is used for cutting, grinding, sharpening and otherwise shaping metal, wood or other materials.
  • These cordless tools are also for different tasks be it for hobby or professional use.
  • A cordless tool is also used when corded rotary tools aren’t practical.
  • A cordless Dremel works like its corded counterpart except it allows more movement on your part.
  • Cordless Dremel rotary tools run on different types of batteries.

What Does a Cordless Dremel Tool Do?

[su_list icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#329d40″]
  • A cordless Dremel is a tool used for engraving, cutting, sanding, cleaning, polishing and so on.
  • This is used in lieu of its corded counterpart since it is more convenient and flexible.
  • The functions of a cordless depends on the bits you attach to it.
  • A Dremel can be used on everything from metal and woodworking to crafts, DIY projects and trimming pet nails.


Types of Cordless Dremel Tools

There are four kinds:

[su_list icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#329d40″]
  • Specialty Cordless Dremel: includes the 7300 PT for nail grooming and the 7000 PK for pumpkin carving.
  • AA Alkaline Battery Cordless Dremel: these two-speed tools and meant for light projects. You’ll need to purchase AA batteries separately.
  • Ni-Cad Cordless Dremel: the 7300 and 7700 series belongs here. These are 2-speed, rechargeable and ideal for light to medium projects.
  • Lithium Ion Battery Cordless Dremel: the 8050, 8100 and 8220 series belong here. They’re variable speed, rechargeable and have the highest voltage. They’re suitable for heavier projects.

So which is the right one? Well it depends on what you’ll use the rotary tool for. Knowing what you want the Dremel is the first step to figuring out what type to get.

Cordless Dremel Tool Bits & Accessories

[su_list icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#329d40″]
  • Additional Ni-Cad and lithium ion batteries: make sure you’ve got a few of these on standby
  • Flex shaft: a flex shaft attachment is useful for intricate and delicate work.
  • Sanding pads: these will come in handy when the ones you’re using require a replacement
  • Storage case: you’ll need this if you’ve got a lot of accessories. A carry case is also necessary if you’ll be carrying it with you
  • Extra bits: the power of your rotary tool depends on the bits you use, but you can extend its function by adding these

How to Choose a Cordless Dremel Tool

[su_list icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#329d40″]
  • What accessories, bits and attachments does the Dremel have? Are they the ones you need or will they just gather dust?
  • What is the tool mainly designed for?
  • How large is it? Weight, portability and ergonomics play a role if you’re going to use it for long stretches.
  • How long is the battery life when fully charged? The lifespan depends on how long you use it, how you use and what materials you work on.
  • How long is the charging time? This is an issue if speed matters to you and if you have deadlines to meet.
  • What batteries do you prefer, lithium, AA or Ni-cad?
  • Will you use the Dremel for a single task or several activities?
  • Do you intend to use this cordless tool as your main tool or a backup? This determines how much power the cordless rotary tool should have.
  • Kit options: most cordless Dremel tools come with numerous style/kit options. The most feature packed kit isn’t always the best option, as it depends on what you need.
  • Keyless chuck: look for this option as it makes changing bits easier and faster

Features to Look For in a Cordless Dremel Tool

Before you buy a small cordless rotary tool, use this checklist as a guide:

[su_list icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#329d40″]
  • Check if the tool comes with a charger as that saves you unnecessary expense.
  • If possible, get a cordless Dremel that uses EZ Change so you can replace bits quickly.
  • Variable vs 2 speed: variable speed is more popular, but it really depends on your needs.
  • Compatibility: does this cordless Dremel work with all the bits and accessories you want? Check if that model works with any Dremel bits you want to use.
  • Accessories: some Dremel tools come with a hundred pieces or more, while others have less than 10. Your choice depends on what type of projects you want to work on.
  • What do you want to do? Keep in mind the functions and purpose of these tools vary.

How to Use a Cordless Dremel Tool

The following is a general guide to operating a cordless Dremel. These are general steps only and you should refer to your instruction manual for more details.

[su_list icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#329d40″]
  • Charge the battery if it isn’t already. If the batteries are replaceable, check if there’s sufficient power or if they need to be replaced.
  • Dremel rotary tools usually have several bits, accessories and attachments for cutting, sanding, grinding, polishing etc. Select the appropriate bit and put it on.
  • Dremel tools use specific methods to change bits. Often you un-twist the chuck or cap and put the attachment or bit in.
  • Fasten the chuck or bit and make certain the attachment/bit is secure.
  • Choose the speed and start using it.

 Some things to keep in mind:

[su_list icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#329d40″]
  • Wear goggles and other safety gear
  • Don’t use bits on materials they’re not made for
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged before using it
  • Keep your workplace clean
  • Speed is your best friend: adjust it as necessary to get the result you want
  • Hold the object you’re working on before cutting it: stability is important for optimum performance


Which above Cordless Dremel is Best for Which Tasks?

[su_list icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#329d40″]
  • The 8050 is the most suitable for beginners and light projects
  • The 8220 is the best for all around performance
  • The 7700-1 is for general purpose use
  • The 700N/5 is for light and medium tasks
  • The 7300 N/8 is the most practical for grooming pet nails and light work
  • The 7300 PT is for pet nail grooming

Note that these Dremel tools are compatible with other Dremel accessories so you can extend its functionality. This allows you to use the tool in ways that would otherwise not be possible.


Final Verdict

There’s a reason why cordless rotary tools have become big. They are powerful, easy to use and offer greater freedom of movement compared to corded models.

The six cordless rotary tools I’ve reviewed here are high quality, but if I have to pick a winner it is the Dremel 8220 1/8. It’s a great rotary tool and also comes with a lot of useful accessories as well.

Compared to others, the 8220 1/8 has better ergonomics so it’s more convenient to use.  It’s for all these reasons why I’ve chosen this as the best cordless Dremel for your money.



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