Best Demolition Hammer Review – 2020 Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

The best demolition hammer is not the most expensive or feature-packed. Rather it depends on what material you’re working on and how you intend to use it.

Are you a tradesman, a DIYer or just need to use the demolition hammer occasionally? Do you break up chunks of slabs or just take out ceramic tiles?

Whatever your needs are there’s a demolition hammer that can do it for you. If you don’t have a lot of time, just go over the reviews and table below.

If you want to learn more about demolition hammers you may read the rest of this guide.

Top 5 Demolition Hammer: Comparison

 Product BPM (blows per minute) Motor Power Accessories Chisels Included Weight Dimensions
XtremepowerUS 2200Watt 1900 2200 watts Safety mask, goggles, gloves, bar wrench, oil feeder, carry case 1-1/8″ Bull Point Chisel, 1-1/8″ Flat Chisel 33 pounds 13.8 x 31.1 x 8.3 inches Check Price
TR Industrial TR89100 1800 11 amps Safety mask, goggles, gloves hex/flat/spade chisels 32 lbs 30 x 14 x 7.5 inches Check Price
Bosch 11321EVS 2900 13 amps Carry case Bull and chisel bits 13.6 pounds 20.5 x 16 x 6.2 inches Check Price
Neiko 02845A 1800 11.3 amps 4 carbon brushes, safety kit 1-1/4” x 16” flat chisel, -1 16” point chisel 40 pounds 6.5 x 27.9 x 11.8 inches Check Price
TR Industrial TR89105 1800 11 amps Safety kit 1 flat and 1 pointed chisel 45 pounds 30 x 14 x 7 inches Check Price

Best Picks of Demolition Hammer

Demolition hammers come in all shapes and sizes, but I chose these five for their outstanding features and capabilities.

#1: XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack hammer Concrete Breaker W/Case

XtremepowerUS 2200 Watt Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack hammer Concrete Breaker W/Case, Gloves
The XtremepowerUS is one of the best demolition hammer for digging concrete and other materials. Apart from demolition, the XtremepowerUS is also suitable for chipping and trenching.

Its 2200 watt output motor allows you to break holes in bricks and concrete blocks as well as slabs. Its BPM is 1900 so you’ll get more work done in less time.

Accessories include a safety mask, safety goggles, gloves, a 1 1/8” flat chisel, a hexagon bar wrench, an oil feeder, and a 1 1/8” bull point chisel. You can put these in the provided blow mold case.

Performance-wise the XtremepowerUS is comparable to more expensive models. It can break an 8 x 100 ft (W x D) surface in a couple of days without needing a lot of effort.

The XtremepowerUS comes with test oil only so make sure to apply fresh oil. It’s easy enough to do and the instruction manual is easy to follow.

The two bits included are of high quality and can handle a lot of materials. Without the cord, the XtremepowerUS weighs just 35 lbs so it’s not a burden to carry.

The XtremepowerUS has become the popular choice if you’re looking for an alternative choice to the more expensive brands. It’s not the most powerful demo hammer, but for projects that require just a few hundred feet of breaking, this will do.

The XtremepowerUS demo hammer works very well thanks to its bits and oil. This tool has very little vibration so it won’t tire you out.

If you’re in the market for a good demo hammer that won’t break your budget, this is one power tool to consider.

What I Like

  • Comes with gloves and carry case
  • Breaks up various materials
  • Powerful motor
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic design

What I Didn’t Like

  • Can only use proprietary bits
  • Case is made of plastic

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#2: TR Industrial TR89100 Electric Demolition Jackhammer with Point

TR Industrial TR89100 Electric Demolition Jackhammer with Point, Flat and Spade Scoop Shovel Chisels Bits, 4-Piece Set

The TR89100 is a versatile demo hammer you can use to break concrete and other surfaces. Certified safe, this tool goes up to 1800 blows per minute for efficient material breaking.

Its swivel auxiliary 360-degree handle provides greater maneuverability, and the 6.5-foot cord gives you greater freedom of movement.

The TR89100 accessories include a pair of work gloves, safety goggles, and spade/flat/hex chisels. Its dual ball bearing armature and CNC machined design adds to the durability.

The 11 amp motor provides extra power and its carbon brushes extend its life. As far as performance goes, the TR89100 breaks up concrete, pavement, rock and more.

The TR89100 underwent the TUV 176 hour endurance test and can take a lot of punishment. At just 32 lbs the TR89100 is lighter than others so it’s more convenient to use for long stretches.

The TR89100 performs better than the average demo hammer because of its motor and high BPM. It also comes with 3 chisels (scoop shovel, flat and point) so you can use it on different materials.

Its 55 HRC hardness rating and durable gears result in superior performance. The OSHA approved ETL listing tells you how effective it is.

With its pointed chisel, you’ll be able to use it for drilling, while the flat chisel is used for breaking up chunks. If you want optimum performance make sure to use the proper oil.

The TR89100 runs smoothly and consistently. Both bits are easy to set up and compared to other demo hammers you’ll get more things done.

No matter what tip you’re using, the 360-degree swivel auxiliary handle makes adjustments easy. Overall, the performance is consistent and impressive.

What I Like

  • Breaks clay, bricks, concrete and other materials
  • Has UL listed cable
  • Plug is double insulated
  • 1800 BPM
  • Safety goggles included
  • 360 degree handle

What I Didn’t Like

  • Heats up a bit when used for long periods
  • Carry case is plastic

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#3: Bosch 11321EVS SDS-Max Demolition Hammer

Bosch 11321EVS SDS-Max Demolition Hammer

The Bosch SDS Max has a BPM 2900 rate so you can break up concrete and other materials. It also has a combination dual selector and vibration control that cuts down vibration significantly.

The Bosch has a 13 amp motor with a 9.6 foot pound impact force, giving it extra power. This demo hammer also has a service minder light so you’ll know right away if maintenance is needed.

Its auto max speed dial is another useful feature as it makes certain you’re at maximum speed whenever the Bosch is activated.

Its Vario-Lock positioning enables you to use the best possible angle for chiseling. This feature is complemented by its constant response circuitry so speed remains constant under load.

The Bosch has excellent safety features including overload protection. The rear handle padded runs well with the rotating auxiliary handle so you’re comfortable with it.

This Bosch demo hammer has anti-vibration built in the system so it works smoothly. Combine this with the comfortable grip allows you to work stress free.

When comes to performance the Bosch compares well to more expensive models. It’s not just for breaking concrete but also breaking tiles, wood and others.

The Bosch packs enough power to go through thick slabs and is an ideal tool for renovation work. It is a powerful as bigger models but weighs less.

The Bosch is durable, built to last and provides a good amount of precision. It combines accuracy with power so it works well for a lot of material breaking up.

If the typical demo hammer doesn’t provide the power you need, the Bosch is one that will work.

What I Like

  • Excellent power to weight ratio
  • Convenient speed dial
  • Maintenance light indicator included
  • Has overload protection
  • Made from heavy duty materials
  • 1900 BPM

What I Didn’t Like

  • Switch setup could be better
  • Instruction guide needs improvement

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#4: Neiko 02845A Electric Demolition Jack Hammer with Point and Flat Chisel Bits

Neiko 02845A Electric Demolition Jack Hammer with Point and Flat Chisel Bits | Includes 4 Extra Carbon Brushes and Safety Protection KitThis demolition hammer review can say the 02845A is a versatile tool. With 1,800 impact blows a minute and an 11.3 amp motor, it’s capable of breaking up earth, ground, brick, and concrete.

The 45 joules give the 02845A the force required to break up rough surfaces. For home improvement and renovation, this tool delivers.

Apart from the 02845A you also get work gloves, safety goggles, 3 wrenches, an oil container, and 4 carbon brushes.

A pair of chisels are also included: a 1-1/4” x 16” flat and a 16” point. Both are alloy steel, heat-treated and drop forged.

A blow-molded case is included for your convenience. The case has wheels so you’ll be taking this with you.

A good demolition hammer has well made auxiliary handles and the Bosch is a good example of that. Its 360-degree swivel design means you get an optimum grip, support and it’s non-slip as well.

The 02845A comes with a helical gear mechanism that runs quietly and smoothly compared to a traditional spur gear. This also minimizes wear and tear so it lasts longer.

The 02845A is made from solid metal, and its powder coating makes it resistant to corrosion. Even when you break heavy materials, the 02845A holds up.

This demo hammer produces better results than lower quality products owing to its design, and it lasts longer too.

The bottom line is this demo hammer can handle heavy materials as it runs better. Going back to the handle, it’s detachable so you can customize its use the way you want to. With these features, you can start breaking concrete right away.

What I Like

  • Good safety features
  • Extra carbon brushes
  • Well made chisel bits
  • Powerful motor
  • Durable construction
  • 360 degree swivel handle

What I Didn’t Like

  • Packaging needs improving
  • Lube applied on the Neiko when shipped takes time to remove

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#5: TR Industrial TR89105 Original Demolition Jack Hammer with Point and Flat Chisel Bit

TR Industrial TR89105 Original Demolition Jack Hammer with Point and Flat Chisel Bit, Silver

The TR89105 runs on an 11 amp motor and is good enough to break basement floors, clay, concrete and other rough surfaces. Its impact is 1800/min at full load so it’s got the power to do a lot of work.

The TR89105 is ETL listed so that should give you peace of mind. The accessories include suede working gloves, safety goggles, an oil container and a couple of wrenches.

You also get a flat chisel and a hex pointed chisel for working on different materials. The flat chisel does a good job of smashing chunks of concrete, while the pointed chisel is what you’ll use to drill.

This means the two often work together: you start with the pointed chisel and move on to the flat one for the breaking. As you work the auxiliary handle it allows you to adjust and hammer in comfort.

The TR89105 also has a dual bearing armature provides more power and greater energy efficiency. The presence of copper commutator bars add greater flexibility.

The TR89105 weighs only 35 pounds so it’s easy to carry around. For home improvement and DIY projects, this tool gets it done.

This demo hammer can take out a 16’ x 2’ brick & mortar structure in half an hour or so. If you used a regular hammer tool that would take a long time.

The TR89105 is also effective for cleaning up concrete, stones, rocks and so on. It’s easy to use and the additional brushes is a nice bonus. What it comes down to is this demo hammer does what it says.

What I Like

  • 11 amp motor
  • Great for drilling and breaking surfaces
  • Consistent performance
  • Comfortable handle
  • High performance bits
  • UL/CSA compliant

What I Didn’t Like

  • Case is made of plastic
  • Better suited for concrete than wood

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What is a Demolition Hammer?

A demolition hammer is used for breaking and demolishing materials similar to a jackhammer. Whereas heavy jackhammers are vertically held, demo hammers are operated horizontally.

There are other names for a demolition hammer, so don’t get confused when shopping:

  • Pneumatic Drill
  • Hammer Breaker
  • Demolition Breaker
  • Demo Hammer
  • Concrete Breaker
  • Demolition Hammer Drill

Hammer tools and demolition hammers are not the same thing. A hammer tool is for drilling holes and fastening screws, i.e. building stuff. A demolition hammer as I explained, does the opposite and is used for breaking materials.

What is a Demolition Hammer Used For, and What Does It Do?

You use a demolition hammer to break bricks, rocks, concrete and other materials. This is the tool to use if manual tools don’t have the power to break the materials.

Demolition hammers have a bit on the end, and this is what gives the tool the force necessary to break hard objects.

These tools work in different ways but they have the same purpose: breaking. You’re probably familiar with its use on concrete, but you can use a demo hammer in other ways.

Types of Demolition Hammers

  • Pneumatic Demolition Hammer: pneumatic demolition hammers are often used for tunneling, quarrying and mining. It’s also used to break concrete, asphalt and road work.
  • Electric Demolition Hammer: electric demolition hammers are more suitable for home use like home improvement and remodeling.

Demolition Hammer Bits & Chisels

You can change the chisels and bits to generate different results.

  • Bushing Tool: its numerous carbide points are suited for taking down rough concrete spots and assorted cleanup jobs
  • Lifter / Flex Chisel: you use this tool for scraping and removal. Its metal blade is durable yet flexible
  • Scabbler: used to clean surfaces before bonding and also to smooth surfaces
  • Stake Driver: this bit is used to push concrete in stakes
  • Bull Point Bit: this is an all purpose tool for breaking
  • Flat Up Chisel: you use this to give edges a fine finish and for better directional control
  • Spade: used for edging dirt and asphalt and providing a flat finish
  • Pointed Bits: its pointy tip is used to break cracks in concrete, rocks, stones and take out mortar in bricks
  • Asphalt Bit: for asphalt cutting

What Size Demolition Hammer Do I Need?

A small demo hammer is fine if you just do small tasks and prefer to work with a light tool.

A bigger demolition hammer is preferable if you work on large surface areas or if you break up rough materials.

How to Choose a Demolition Hammer

Demo hammers are versatile, but you’ll get optimum results if you use the right tools.

Choose the Right Bit

Your demo hammer is only as good as the bits you use. Make sure the hammer tip is the right one or replace it if necessary.

This is one reason why a lot off DIYers buy several bits and chisels. In case you need something else, just exchange the tip.

The Right Tool for the Job

The rule of thumb is the larger the area you’ll work on, the more powerful the demo hammer needs to be.

A demo hammer equipped with a large bit does a better job of piercing and removing chunks without crumbling the structure.

What Materials Will You Work On?

The material’s strength determines what type of demo hammer you’ll need to use. Large, blunt bits are ideal for crumbly materials.

Strong materials will benefit from a sharp demolition hammer. Smaller points apply more pressure in limited space for more effective piercing.

Breaking Walls and Floors

Almost any type of demolition hammer will do for open walls or an unobstructed floor.

Walls in tight areas need more specialized bits like tubes and spades. Demolition hammers with pencil-like bits are ideal.

The narrower the demo hammer bit the farther and more efficient the breaking.

You also have to consider the type of work you’ll do for the long term. Get a more versatile demolition hammer if you’ll do more heavy duty work in the future.

Features to Look for in a Demolition Hammer

  • Bits Compatibility: what types of bits come with the hammer? Is it compatible with the tool you need? The greater the compatibility the more you can do.
  • Weight: this becomes an issue if you’ll be hammering heavy materials.
  • Physical Dimensions: the same thing as the weight: it’s going to be important if you’ll use it extensively.
  • Vibration Control: look for a demo hammer with a high vibration control for more consistent results.
  • Power: demolition hammer power is measured in watts, BPMs, amps and impact force. Check the product specs to know how it works.
  • Housing: demolition hammers are housed in plastic, metal or composite materials, and this will do for home based tasks. Metal tubing is the better choice for professional and onsite work.
  • Handling: look for a demo hammer with rubber handles or any other comfortable material.
  • Oil level indicator: this applies if the demo hammer is oil powered.
  • Durability: the product specs will tell you if it’s for light or heavy duty work. That also gives you an idea of how durable it is.
  • Carry Case: essential for transport.

Safety Tips For Using a Demolition Hammer

Whether you’re new to demo hammers or been using it for a while, safety practices are necessary.

  • Wear ear plugs or earmuffs if you’re going to use the demolition hammer at the upper decibels.
  • Do not break materials that are above you as the structure might collapse.
  • If the demo hammer is corded, make sure the cord is kept away from hazards.
  • Do not stretch the cord too much as it could get pulled off the socket.
  • Put on steel capped boots to protect your feet
  • Put on gloves to protect your hands from injury
  • Wear safety goggles to shield your eyes from debris
  • Use the demolition hammer only for its intended applications
  • Move heavy demolition hammers with your legs to avoid strain
  • Learn how the safety mechanism of the tool works
  • Use the appropriate chisel/bit for the demolition hammer
  • Never use damaged bits
  • Inspect the demolition hammer on a regular basis
  • Do not use the demolition hammer beyond the cutting bit depth
  • Have a water spray close by to reduce dust
  • Never use a demolition hammer – or any power tool – if you’re tired
  • Make sure you grab the main handle and side grip firmly
  • Adjust the speed if necessary
  • Sometimes you’ll be more comfortable by changing angles
  • Read the operating manual before using the tool
  • Break small chunks at a time

How to Use a Demolition Hammer

The first step is to follow the safety precautions as described above.

  • Wear gloves to aid with the grip. Put on a hard hat if you’re going to demolish walls.
  • Put the right bit on the demo hammer. The SDS shank is the most commonly used as you can slip it on without fastening the chuck.
  • If an SDS shank isn’t possible, a hex shank should work fine.
  • Use a small bit to chip small areas. For large areas, broad pointed pits are preferable.
  • If you’re an electrician you’ll want to use chisel bits as they’re ideal for making conduit runs.
  • If you’re going to split rocks, use pointed bits.
  • Evaluate the work area before starting so you’ll know what bit to use.
  • Turn the demo hammer on.
  • Use the tool at a 90 degree angle. Angling to the right also reduces the chance of the hammer slipping.
  • Angle the demo hammer a bit away from you. This gives you better control of the hammer even as you pound away.
  • Begin from the edge if breaking floors. If breaking walls, start from the middle so the structure goes down safely.
  • Put pressure on the demo hammer for better results.
  • Short strokes – 10 to 20 seconds – is ideal for most occasions.
  • Change angles every now and then when breaking walls and floors.
  • Let the demo hammer tip cool.

Top Demolition Hammer Brands

No demolition hammer buying guide will be complete without mentioning the top brands.  Here are my picks for the companies that you can trust.

  • XtremepowerUS: the company is widely recognized for its powerful demolition hammers. Since the brand was established it’s become the preferred choice of many.
  • TR Industrial: TR Industrial makes some of the best demolition hammer tools in the market. They’re also recognized for their other quality power tools and accessories.
  • Bosch: anyone who has had experience with power tools know the Bosch name.  From rotary tools, demolition hammers to power tools, it’s the name most DIYers depend on.
  • Neiko: Neiko has gotten a lot of positive feedback for their high quality demo hammers. Their demo hammer series is known for being heavy and designed with precision engineering.
  • Makita: Makita was founded in 1915 in Japan, and since then has been regarded as one of the best in the power tools market. Aside from demo hammers, Makita also manufactures other power tools.
  • Dewalt: Dewalt is a US company that manufactures hand tools and power tools. The company was founded in 1923 and is one of the work’s leading tool companies.

Final Verdict

Demolition hammers used to be for professionals only, but they’ve become prevalent and now available for DIYers, homeowners and anyone who needs a power tool to break up slabs, stones and other materials.

The five products I’ve reviewed here are versatile, but the Bosch SDS Max takes the top spot. It’s got more power than the average demo hammer and limited vibration for better performance.

Bosch is known for making great products and the SDS Max is a great example of this.  With overload protection and consistent results, there is every reason to call the Bosch the best demolition hammer.

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Featured Image by Mark Hunter/ CC BY

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