The 10 Best Soldering Station Reviews – 2019 Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

When you’re looking for the best soldering station out there, there are several questions you need to ask. This includes questions like what type of soldering iron should I use for electronics.

The answers to these questions will decide which soldering station you should buy. Considering the many choices out there, narrowing things down will make it a whole lot easier  for you.

As a way to help you out, I looked at ten of the highest-rated soldering stations out there. Each of them has their strengths and weaknesses, with their own special features.

Take a look and see which of them best first your needs.

Top 10 Soldering Station: Comparison and Ratings

NameFeaturesHot AirView on Amazon
Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station-Variable power control up to 40 watts

-Cushioned foam grip

-Lightweight pencil iron

NoCheck Price
Zeny 2in1 SMD Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron Station-Low noise

-Accurate temperature display

YesCheck Price
X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS Digital Display Soldering Iron Station-75 watt soldering iron

-10 minute sleep timer

-Ergonomic grip

NoCheck Price
Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Soldering Station-Excellent thermal recovery

-Lower heating temperature

NoCheck Price
Weller WES51 Analog Soldering Station– Easy iron replacement thanks to stand

-Slim pencil iron

-Temperature recovery feature

NoCheck Price
Zeny 3 in 1 853d Soldering Station-Dual LCD Display

-Samsung temperature control

YesCheck Price
Weller WESD51 Digital Soldering Station-Chip-controlled temperature

-Pencil iron

-Auto power-off

NoCheck Price
X-Tronic 5040-XTS-Complete digital controlledYesCheck Price
Aoyue 9378-Vibration sensor

-Digital thermostat

-Programmable temperature

NoCheck Price
Kendal 853D-Rapid heatingYesCheck Price

Top 3 selections

Top Rated

X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS

X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS Digital Display Soldering Iron Station - 10 Minute Sleep Function, Auto Cool Down, C/F Switch, Ergonomic Soldering Iron, Solder Holder, Brass Tip Cleaner with Cleaning Flux
The X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS Digital Display Soldering Iron Station is currently one of the top-rated soldering stations out there. This is thanks to the several elements that it puts together.

With its 75 watt soldering iron and Magic Temperature technology, this has a lot of people saying that it is the best soldering station out there.

Best Value for the Money

Zeny® 3in1 SMD

Zeny® 3in1 SMD DC Power Supply Hot Air Iron Gun Rework Soldering Station Welder 853D
You always want your money’s worth and Zeny® 3in1 SMD DC Power Supply Hot Air Iron Gun Rework Soldering Station Welder 853D delivers on that. With a precision temperature reader and a hot air/hot iron combo, any owner will think this is the best soldering iron station for the money they spent.

Best Budget Model

Weller WLC100 40-Watt

Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station
For those with small budgets, the Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station has all that they can need. It is the best cheap soldering station on the market today with all the basic features that people need to start soldering.

Why do you need a Soldering Station?

Admittedly, a soldering station has only one purpose: to solder. There are several purposes that you can turn this to.

  • Circuit boards will need transistors and resistors attached to them and soldering is used for this.
  • You may use a soldering station to repair current electronics.
  • A soldering iron can get pretty hot and having a soldering station lets you properly monitor that.
  • You can use the hot soldering iron to cut a glass bottle.
  • Use the soldering iron to burn through stencils for airbrushing
  • Burn through leather and imprint some fancy designs on it.
  • Solder stained-glass together for windows.
  • Jewelry should be soldered in to get the best results.
  • Wooden items can have designs burned on them via a soldering iron.
  • Solder up some fancy pendants from various materials.

Best Picks of Soldering Station

1. Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station

Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station
The best soldering station under 100 dollars, the  Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station is pretty much your basic soldering station.

It has a back-to-basics feel that makes you think that its just a soldering iron. As a cheap solder station, it already meets the requirements with its low price point.

Its best feature though is its pencil iron. With an ST3 iron-plated copper tip, the soldering iron part is very accurate and is made for constant use.

With a foam grip, you can hold this iron for hours on end.

It is also pretty expandable. Just buy an ST3 tip kit, and you can expand its use.

Besides the iron, the device has excellent power controls. Ranging from five to 40 watts, owners can turn up the heat or level it down.

With precise power controls, there’s less chance of a burnout or damage.

It also has the basic additional components of a soldering station: an iron holder to keep the iron while not in use and a sponge base where you can cool down the unit by placing a wet sponge.

What We Like
  • This soldering station is the best soldering station for hobbyists since it is pretty affordable and does not have any complicated features
  • The ST3 iron tip is replaceable, giving extra flexibility and lengthening the product’s lifespan.
  • High quality iron, copper, nickel, and chromium when into making the iron.
  • The comfortable grip ensures that the user’s hands won’t slip or blister with constant use.
  • Accurate power controls keep the device at particular temperatures for a long time.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Unlike other soldering stations, there is no temperature info, which does not help you with determining the power levels.
  • Basic features can make it difficult for experienced solderers.

Bottom Line

Professional soldering stations can be too much for those looking for basic features.  This soldering stating is ideal if you just need to do only basic soldering for once in a while, which makes it good for hobbyists.

2. Zeny 2in1 SMD Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron Station 862D

ZENY 2in1 SMD Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron Station 862D+ Repair Tools 4 Nozzles As Free Gifts
The Zeny 2in1 SMD Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron Station is a great tool for electronics enthusiasts. I can honestly say it is the best soldering station for electronics as well as being the best value for money anyone can get on a soldering station.

This is because of its two-in-one nature. There is the soldering iron and the hot air gun.

Hot air guns are great tools for electronics experts because they can help rework a circuit board easily. Instead of direct heat application with a metal tip, hot air is applied to the metal – which has the same results but with a more gentle touch.

Since this is not a hot air rework station review, I won’t focus so much on it. However, the hot air gun of this soldering station is the most affordable out there.

The soldering iron and hot air gun have several tips that come with the kit. This allows for more flexibility in what you can do with it.

For example, you can use one of the tips to help do some plastic welding.

Another great feature of this device is the very accurate digital temperature controls. With a range up to 480 degrees celcius, you can be sure to have the right heat for the job you need to do.

What We Like
  • Accurate digital temperature controls ensure that you can set the hot air gun or soldering iron to the right temperatures.
  • Hot air gun and soldering iron in one kit, which is good value for money.
  • Self-cooling feature allows for an extended lifespan on your heaters.
  • Automatic detection ensures the hot air gun or solder goes into standby mode when not in use.
  • Multiple tips give the device more functions.
What We Didn’t Like
  • The hot air gun part of the station is not as good as the soldering iron, with a noticeable performance drop.
  • The digital readouts don’t seem to be that accurate, with their readings having a high margin of error.

Bottom Line

Soldering station reviews of this product are very happy about the soldering iron in the soldering station. The additional hot air gun is a nice addition that gives it added functionality.

3. X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS Digital Display Soldering Iron Station

X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS Digital Display Soldering Iron Station - 10 Minute Sleep Function, Auto Cool Down, C/F Switch, Ergonomic Soldering Iron, Solder Holder, Brass Tip Cleaner with Cleaning Flux
The  X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS Digital Display Soldering Iron Station is one of the best soldering stations anyone can buy. This mostly comes back to the fact that it manages to do everything a soldering station needs to do well.

I consider this product the top soldering station because, while it seems to be pretty basic, it manages to deliver on the goods.

First, the soldering iron is great. The 75 Watt Iron has an ergonomic heat resistant grip which lets you keep working without problems.

With a Temperature Range of 200°C – 480°C, it will get hot enough to melt anything that it touches. It also helps that it has a five foot silicon cord as its main connection to the main unit.

The main unit itself is pretty good. It has excellent temperature controls and displays it all in a nice blue LCD screen.

However, what’s interesting is the features the main unit enable. One of them is the Magic Temperature technology, which allows for quick heating and accurate temp maintenance.

Another interesting feature is the auto-sleep feature. This sets the iron to standby temperature when it remains in the stand for 10 minutes or more.

Combined with the brass sponge tip cleaner, the product functions and does its job well.

What We Like
  • Strong 75 watt soldering iron heats up quick and has an ergonomic grip which allows for long-term use.
  • Accurate temperature controls tells people exactly the current temperature and maintains it.
  • Auto-sleep ensures energy savings and an extended lifespan for your heater.
  • Magic temperature technology compensates and adjusts depending on the environment and situation.
  • Great additions like the tip cleaner ensure that you have a smooth time.
What We Didn’t Like
  • The base needs to be heavier for a proper balance when you place the soldering iron in.
  • The iron sometimes gets stuck in the stand when I use it.

Bottom Line

This soldering station is great for continued use and is ideal for those who work a lot on electronics. With the added lifespan of the heater, you can expect to get a lot of value from this purchase.

4. Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Soldering Station FX-888D FX-888 (blue & yellow)

Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Soldering Station FX-888D FX-888 (blue & yellow)
The Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Soldering Station has a lot of expectations riding on it. Hakko is my choice for the best soldering iron brand and I didn’t want to be disappointed.

This kit didn’t disappoint at all though. Though a bit pricey for its bare bones presentation, the product is a very soldering station.

There are several things that make it so.

First, there’s the Hakko soldering iron. The FX888D’s iron is powerful, with 30% more heater output.

This means it will heat-up fast and keep its warmth longer. Besides that, it has excellent thermal recovery.

The result is that the soldering iron will have a longer lifespan and operates well.

Besides that, the main unit has a very good temperature control. You will be able to accurately read the iron’s temperature with no problem.

Adjusting it though can be bit confusing, thanks to the two-button interface. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to change temps with ease.

Finally, there’s the brass sponge tip cleanser. It has the right abrasion to catch the solder properly.

What We Like
  • A soldering irons review once said a Hakko soldering iron is a work of art and its true. You’ll love the soldering iron of this soldering station.
  • Accurate temperature readings ensure that you will always have it at accurate heat levels.
  • Nice holder keeps the soldering iron warm while also being a good fit.
  • Brass sponge tip cleaner ensures that solder remnants on the tip will get cleaned off properly.
  • Temperature controls will extend the lifespan of your heater.
What We Didn’t Like
  • The interface on it is actually pretty confusing at first and will need some getting used to.
  • The heating element can be too powerful and burn out quickly.

Bottom Line

For beginners who are looking for a basic soldering station, this product is exactly what you need. It has all the features that you can want with a top-of-the-line soldering iron as its draw.

5. Weller WES51 Analog Soldering Station

Weller WES51 Analog Soldering Station
The Weller WES51 Analog Soldering Station is a great basic soldering kit. It has all the components that you need: soldering iron, stand, and sponge.

However, the heart of it all is the temperature control unit. As an analog unit, there’s a simple power switch and a temperature dial.

Plug in the iron and set it at the temperature that you want. With a range that reaches around 480 degrees Celcius, it can be hot enough for many purposes.

Though this is far from the best professional soldering station out there, this device performs well in its job. With a quick heater, you can start working quickly.

Besides that, the device also has a temperature lockout. This prevents it from going beyond a specified temperature.

This is a nice layer of protection so that the iron would not be able to damage anything.

As for the iron itself,  it has a stainless steel heating element that will last for a long time. The tip is also replaceable, as long as you have spares.

Besides that it has a non-burning silicone rubber cord, a solid plastic grip, and a foam sleeve for heat protection.

What We Like
  • Temperature lockout stops any accidents and additional damage from happening.
  • Temperature controls are quick and accurate, for better results.
  • The device is built for continual soldering, ensuring that you can work for hours without needing a break.
  • Quick heat up can have you soldering in less than a few minutes.
  • Soldering iron fits well in your hand, ensuring accuracy and safety.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Latest releases of this product are a lot different from the original version.
  • Lowered quality in the newer products.

Bottom Line

Jewelry is the second use for most soldering, however it can be repetitive and put a lot of strain on a soldering station. Fortunately, this particular station can handle it, while also performing very well.

6. Zeny® 3in1 SMD DC Power Supply Hot Air Iron Gun Rework Soldering Station Welder 853D

Zeny® 3in1 SMD DC Power Supply Hot Air Iron Gun Rework Soldering Station Welder 853D
The  Zeny 3 in 1 853d Soldering Station is a 3 in 1 soldering station that is perfect for those who work with electronics. It provides several services that you will need greatly.

The simplest one is as a DC power supply. Some electrician tools require a power supply and this one is it.

Besides that, you can also opt to uses this product as a hot air rework station or a soldering station.

As a soldering station, it has a great soldering iron. With a temperature range of up to 480 degrees Celsius and a multitude of tips, it can do its soldering duties well.

As for its hot air gun, owners will also be quite pleased. It has a nice set of nozzles and solid heat generation and this combination makes it very useful.

The product also has a great a main unit. Using microprocessors and solid software, it ensures great heat distribution and constant heat.

All of this is thanks to the SAMSUNG chip control circuit. It ensures more stability in the temperature and can cool down the heater quickly for enhanced operation.

What We Like
  • The product provides three different services in one small package.
  • Automatic temperature controls ensures that there will be no overheating or damage to any components that you are working on.
  • The device has multiple tool tips for its hot air gun and soldering iron, providing additional functionality.
  • Dual LED displays give accurate temperature readings.
  • The processing is powered by a high quality Samsung chip.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Users maybe surprised by how fast the elements heat and accidentally melt of some parts of the sand and base.
  • Power cords are a bit short and will require users to be near sockets.

Bottom Line

It is not just professionals who use soldering stations, but also hobbyists, though they are not as demanding in their requirements. This soldering station is great for them since it provides all the necessary features at a reasonable price.

7. Weller WESD51 Digital Soldering Station

Weller WESD51 Digital Soldering Station
The Weller WESD51 Digital Soldering Station is another back to basis soldering station. This means a power unit, soldering iron, iron stand, sponge, and probe are its contents.

This may not seem impressive considering its competitors, but the bare bones approach is what a lot of people like. This is especially important for those who plan to use this for hobbies.

Having too many features is a waste if you aren’t using it a lot.

The main attraction of this product is its electronic control system. This lets you accurately set it to the required heat levels.

The LCD display allows for accurate temperature ratings. This is important because of how it ensures that the iron is at the right temperature and stays that way.

A side-effect of this level of control is that you have faster heat-up times and an extended lifespan for your heater. Besides that, there is the temperature lock out feature,

This ensures that the iron’s temp never breaks a certain temperature level. For example, if you work with a load of plastics, you can set the max temps at a comfortably low level so it does not burn them out.

What We Like
  • The LCD display on the unit shows accurate temperature readings with a low margin of error.
  • Excellent soldering iron with a good solid grip.
  • Auto power off when it reach 99 minutes inside the stand.
  • A microprocessor keeps the temperature at acceptable levels all through out.
  • Auto lockdown stops the heating element from passing specified temperature levels so as to protect any project components.
What We Didn’t Like
  • The station is a bit too basic, without many more requirements.
  • You may need to buy more tips to get the full use out of this soldering station.

Bottom Line

Another hobbyist’s soldering station, it has the basic features and low price point that many will like. Besides that though, it does have useful functions like auto power off and auto lockdown for longer heater lifespan.


"ALL IN ONE" X-TRONIC - MODEL #5040-XTS HOT AIR REWORK SOLDERING IRON STATION & PREHEATING STATION - 4 Hot Air Nozzles - 10 Asst. Solder Tips - Pinpoint Tweezers - IC Popper, Gootwick - FREE 5X Mag Lamp - "THIS IS A USA EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT"!
The X-Tronic 5040-XTS is a fancy all-in-one soldering station that tries to do a lot of things. Despite all this, it is probably the best soldering kit out there thanks to its many features.

First, it is probably the most feature-rich soldering station ever.

It has a soldering iron, hot air gun, a work stand, a lamp, and a set of tips. You can do a lot with that.

A great pride of place is the stand. It can keep a circuit board steady and has a hot air gun holder so that you can just place it over board and leave it alone.

Second, the base unit is very accurate in its temperature controls and readings. Cycling every 20 seconds, it maintains temperature controls so that no heat is lost and the iron is always ready to go.

In addition, the hot air gun is a useful tool. When working with electronics, it is easy to make a mistake.

With the hot air gun, you can rework a board to your heart’s content.

Overall, you can pretty much do anything with this device.

What We Like
  • Auto temperature controls allow for better operation time and constant checking of temperatures.
  • The 70 watt soldering iron can be very effective when used properly.
  • The hot air gun opens up quite a few possibilities in reworking circuit boards.
  • The preheating station ensures that your soldering iron is always active and ready to go.
What We Didn’t Like
  • The elements have a tendency to burnout when operated on higher temperatures.
  • It tries to do too many things at once.

Bottom Line

This soldering station is what you want to get so that you can be prepared for all situations. It has all the basic features and more so that you can get money’s worth.

9. Aoyue 9378 60 Watt Programmable Digital Soldering Station – ESD Safe, includes 10 tips, C/F switchable, Configurable Iron Holder, Spare Heating Element,100-130V

Aoyue 9378 60 Watt Programmable Digital Soldering Station - ESD Safe, includes 10 tips, C/F switchable, Configurable Iron Holder, Plug-in Spare Heating Element
When people ask the question what is the best soldering iron , a lot those answers have the Aoyue brand on them. The Aoyue 9378 is another great example of what they can do.

This particular soldering station features a solid soldering iron. It has a ceramic heating element, which will last it a long time.

Besides that, the kit has 10 soldering tips that come with it. This provides it with additional functionality.

The main unit of the station has an Auto Sleep and Wake function. The soldering iron will go on standby when left alone for some time and wakes up with any vibration on it.

The device has an accurate temperature reader that also doubles as its controller. Users can set it or program a set of temperature controls.

Overall, this device is a great product that delivers on its job as a soldering station.

What We Like
  • The soldering iron is just excellent and functions well on specifications.
  • The vibration sensor in the handle will detect any movement.
  • Accurate temperature controls ensure that the device works properly.
  • 10 soldering tips gives the iron additional functionality.
  • Programmable sleep function will allow you to deactivate the iron on a schedule and help preserve the heating element.
What We Didn’t Like
  • It can be difficult to buy spare parts for this product.
  • The user interface for the temperature controls can be quite confusing.

Bottom Line

The basic design and great performance make this a great product for those starting out and hobbyists. With the additional 10 soldering tips, you can exchange them for various jobs that require delicate work or something bigger.


The Kendal 853D is primarily a hot air gun and soldering iron set. There’s a lot of work that you can do with this.

First of all, this unit has a smart processor as its brain. This ensures quick heating and accurate temperature control.

That’s a big boon for those who use this as a hot air reworking system. There’s a lot of air flowing through the hot air gun and it can be difficult to maintain the heat.

It’s no worry with this particular kit.

Another advantage of this product is its soldering iron. It comes with ten tips, which will allow for more functionality.

Besides that, the iron has a sensor switch in the handle. When you hold the handle, it will automatically go into operating mode.

When you let it go, the iron will immediately go into standby mode, conserving electricity and extending the lifespan of the heating element.

The hot air gun works pretty much the same way.

The device also has regular diagnostics, which ensures its continued operation at peak efficiency.

The station also happens to work as a 5V DC power supply and meter tester, too.

What We Like
  • Quick heating system is thanks to the unit’s great temperature controls.
  • 10 soldering tips and nozzles come with the kit, adding more functions.
  • Auto-standby mode happens when the iron is put down, ensuring long heating element lifespan.
  • The DC voltage power supply is a nice bonus if you need other devices.
  • The hot air gun has great air flow and consistent temperature.
What We Didn’t Like
  • The temperature readings are a bit suspicious and may be faulty.
  • The hot air systems tend to be slow in heating up.

Bottom Line

With a hot air gun and soldering iron, this station allows users to be flexible in their soldering jobs. Combined with the nozzles and tips, anyone buying this will be able to handle any soldering job presented to them.


How to Choose the Best Soldering Station?

Soldering beginners and experts alike are always on the hunt for the ideal soldering station. The quality of the station can greatly affect the quality of your work.

However, there are a lot of soldering stations to choose from. This makes it difficult.

This is why when you’re looking for your ideal soldering station, you should focus on several characteristics to narrow down the choices.

Soldering Iron/Gun:

This is the main tool for soldering. Whether it is an iron or gun, the results are the same.

Anyway, a lot of soldering stations use irons, but there are some that now use guns. You’ll need to decide on which type you’d like to use.

An iron works on the simple principle of heating up something and melting it. You hold it like a pencil and apply solder with it.

A soldering gun is different. Learning how to use a soldering gun is pretty easy actually.

It works similarly to glue guns. Just press the tip to the solder point and pull the trigger to start the process.

Iron and gun have their own advantages and disadvantages so you must decide on which one you will be using.

Besides that, you will also need to determine the materials of your iron. Different metals have different reactions to heat and you will need to pick the right one.

Main Unit:

The iron is just one part of the soldering station. The heart of the station is the main unit.

A soldering iron alone provides nothing more than soldering. However, with a main unit, data can be gathered.

This includes temperatures and more. With a main unit, your iron can be tuned properly to the right temperatures.

Furthermore, added functionality like sleep mode and more are available. With these, you can get more out of your soldering station in the long run.


You’ll notice that a lot of soldering irons have a rated wattage. Low wattage soldering irons are good enough for most jobs. However, the higher the wattage of the device, the better they are for heavy-duty projects. The wattage represents how long an iron can stay heated with no problem.

Additional Accessories:

There are also the additional accessories to consider. This includes things like the iron stand, hot air guns, and more.

Nowadays, it is popular to have a hot air gun come with the soldering station. A hot air gun allows you to correct your soldering errors easily.

The hot air does the same as a soldering iron would do and then when that’s done, repairs can be done and changes made.

However, if you’re not intending to work with electronics, a hot air gun is not as useful. Which is why you may want to skip it when buying.

Decide on what you want to do and look at accessories that will help you in your goal.

Soldering Station Maintenance Tips

A solder station is something that requires regular maintenance to work properly. There are a lot of things you should do to keep it in top shape.

  • Never put too much pressure on the iron since it can damage the object that you’re soldering.
  • After you finish soldering, apply a thin layer of solder to prevent rust from happening.
  • The soldering iron tip is not a screwdriver so do not use it as one.
  • Use only the minimum temperature settings so that the tip won’t burn out quickly.
  • Turn off the soldering iron when not in use to ensure the heating element stays in good condition.
  • Keep the tip clean by regularly wiping it off on a dam sponge while working.
  • Always put the iron back on the stand for your own safety.
  • Regularly check for any damage to the iron or the unit.
  • Don’t use sandpaper to clean the tip of a soldering iton.
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning will ensure that your soldering station will last for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the hot air gun?

This is pretty simple.
First of all, pick a nozzle head. There are different sizes and you need to pick the right size for the job.You then warm up the hot air gun and set it to the temperature that you want.
When warmed up, just aim it at the circuit board. Remember to not hold the circuit board yourself or you risk getting burned.
Watch as solder melts and stop when the job is done.

How do I replace the soldering tip?

Make sure that the soldering iron is turned off.
There is a locking nut that keeps the tip in place. Look for it.
Once located, start loosening the nut. When fully loosened, you should be able to slide the tip off and replace it with a new one.Tighten the locking nut again to return it to its original state.

How do I clean the soldering iron?

If your tip turns black, then you will need to clean it.
Just apply a tinning block on the soldering iron while hot. The ammonia will melt on the tip and start the cleaning process.
Wipe it way on a sponge and keep repeating the process until the tip is clean.

What type of solder do I use?

There are only two types of solder: lead-based and lead-free.
Lead-based solder is the favorite but can cause problems when inhaled.
Lead-free solder is a bit harder to work with, since it has a higher melting point. However, there are no health hazards from this.

How do I properly use a soldering iron?

Using one is pretty easy.
All you need to do is warm it up. Turn the temperature controls to your chosen heat.After a few minutes, press the iron to a wet sponge to see if it is hot enough.If it sizzles or steams, you are now ready to use it.
Just apply it to the soldering point and then press the solder to it so that it melts at the spot that you want.


How hot does a soldering iron get?

Soldering irons need to be hot enough to melt metal with low melting points. The optimum temperature is around 450 degrees Celcius.

Final Verdict

Soldering has developed over the years to cover a wide variety of jobs. From electronics to jewelry, you will be called to solder different materials and surfaces.

This means that the different soldering stations on the market were developed to meet a range of needs. Picking one means taking into account various factors like what sort of materials you will be soldering and how frequently you will be working.

This article presents ten of the best on the market. Hopefully, I outlined what each of them is capable of and what they do best.

Judge them by these factors and compare them to what sort of soldering jobs you will be doing. In this way, you can be sure that you’re buying best soldering station possible for yourself.


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