Black and Decker RTX-6 Rotary Tool Review : Power In Your Hand

As a guy who works with various metals a lot, I find that a good rotary tool can be very useful. In this Black and Decker RTX-6 review, I’ll talk about why you should have this tool in your kit.

It may seem like a big investment. However, it is well-worth it for all that it can do.
[image_align align=”center”]Black & Decker RTX-6 2-Amp 3-Speed Rotary Tool with 27 Accessories and 2 Spring Clamps[/image_align]

Highlighted Features:

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  • This tools has a three-speed dial that sets it either to 12,000 RPM/ 24,000 RPM/ 30,000 RPM.
  • Flip-Lock spindle lock makes it easy to change the tool heads.
  • The universal collet allows for any tool to be used with this device.
  • The powerful motor beats most competitors.
  • This product package is full of useful accessories.


Three Speeds

The Black and Decker RTX series features some popular rotary tools. They all have great features that make them great to use and the RTX-6 is no exception. One of its more impressive ones is its three-speed setting.

No fumbling around here for a particular speed dial. It already has three settings that people can use depending on the job.

Superior Motor

The RTX-6 has a powerful 2-amp motor. In a Black and Decker RTX vs Dremel power debate, the RTX handily wins because of this. It has twice the power and torque of any competitor.

This allows it to get the job done a lot more quickly. It also ensures that the tool won’t ever get bogged down no matter what the material.

Flip-Lock Spindle Lock

This device features a proprietary locking mechanism. This makes it easy for you to change the tools. All you need to do is flip the lock.

Easy changing the tools ensures that you can change from one job to another quickly. For example, if you need cutting done after polishing, all you need to do is spend a few minutes to change.


 The RTX-6 has quite a few accessories added to it. Compared to the Black & Decker RTX-B 3-Speed RTX rotary tool kit, you will get 26 accessories. Ina comparison of Black and Decker RTX-6 vs RTX-B, the RTX-6 does manage to come out ahead.

With the wide variety of tools sets, users can do a different jobs right out of the box.

Universal Collet

As a rotary tool, it has a lot of utility. This is thanks to the Black and Decker rotary tool accessories available. However, you can get more tools beyond that.

Besides the Black and Decker RTX brushes and other tools, the collet system means it can accept a wide variety of tool heads. This ranges from the small 1/32 to the larger 1/8. With access to these, any owner will have a flexible device to use.

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  • Multiple tool heads allow this product to shine right out of the box.
  • Universal collet allows owners to buy various tool bits and just attach them to the device.
  • The included carry-around bag makes the device easily portable along with its range of tools.
  • The three-speed dial allows for easy setting of speed with no need to fiddle around.
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  • This product seems to have bad quality control since the tools are okay, but they could be better.
  • You could get the RTX-B package instead since they’re the same thing.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between this and the RTX-B?

The main difference between the two is the accessories. The RTX-6 and the RTX-B have the same primary tool but the RTX-6 has 26 accessories with it, while the RTX-B only has five.

Additionally, there are clamps included with the RTX-6 package and a bag. The RTX-B is a lot more bare bones in its approach.

So how universal is the collet?

Completely universal. I have bought Dremel accessories and fit them on this tool with no trouble. You can get a good set anywhere.

 Final Verdict

Overall, the RTX-6 is a great product to buy if you’re looking into starting with rotary tools. It has a lot of what you could want: great power, a lot of accessories, and flexibility.

If you’re starting out, this product is an inexpensive rotary tool for you to get started with. Buy it now if you’re looking for a way to expand your toolkit.

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  • Jack Correa Feb 11, 2018 @ 1:45

    Having used this tool, I can comfortably recommend anyone to sample it too. The tool offers you speed control feature with great speed variation. You can easily set your desired speed to work with. Another great feature I enjoyed from this tool is the flip-lock spindle which allowed me to smoothly change the tool heads as I used the tool.

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