Black and Decker RTX-B Rotary Tool Kit Review

When it comes to the first power tools in a DIY enthusiast’s life, the Black & Decker brand is a popular choice, as it was in mine. In my Black and Decker RTX-B review, I have to say that I’m biased in its favor because it was one of my first power tools, particularly a rotary tool with its attachments.
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Highlighted Features

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  • Universal collet system means that interchanging of parts between two rotary tools is possible
  • Additional power from the 2-amp motor lets it handle the heavier jobs that other rotary tools can’t handle
  • Quiet motor that allows for working without wearing ear muffs in some cases
  • Ergonomic design from the dimensions of the rotary tool to its rubberized grip


The RTX-B has several notable features that make it a must-have tool for both DIY fans and professional woodworkers.

Performs a wide range of jobs in a fast, easy and safe manner

The Black and Decker rotary tool accessories make it possible to use the RTX-B right out of the box for a wide range of jobs. By changing the accessory, you can use the same tool for cutting, sanding, carving, grinding, cleaning, engraving, polishing, sharpening, and drilling, smoothing, shaping, and removing rust on a wide range of materials. You can use it on wood, tile, metal and concrete provided that the right accessory and settings are used.

High-torque motor for powerful performance

The RTX-B has a robust high-torque motor with a 2.0 amp capacity, thus, making it among the most powerful in its category. Basically, the motor offers as much as twice the torque and power than its competitors. In a Black and Decker RTX vs. Dremel 3000 comparison, the former is the more popular choice.

Three speeds to choose from

The RTX-B offers three speeds – 12,000; 24,000; and 30,000 revolutions/minute (RPM) – so that you can enjoy greater precision and control while using it. You will also like the separate speed dial since it adds to the safety and ease of using the rotary tool. You will find that the set-and-forget function also allows for more focus on the job at hand.

Flip-lock spindle system

The RTX-B has a flip-and-lock switch that stabilizes the head while the bits are being changed. You don’t have to hold down a button, thus, making it faster and easier to change the bits. You can also place standard rotary tool accessories on it, thanks to the universal collet system.

Ergonomic design

The RTX-B has rubber over-molded grips that allow for better grip and, thus, control and comfort while it’s in use. You can work for a couple of hours without feeling fatigue in your hand and wrist for as long as you maintain a comfortable hold on the handle. You can jump from one job to the next, also without worrying about the motor overheating.

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  • Comes complete with five accessories for starting work out of the box
  • Has storage case, wrench and instructions manual
  • Fast and easy changing of the accessories, even from competing brands like Dremel
  • Powerful motor with three speeds necessary for better control on a wide range of jobs
  • Reliable safety features including flip-and-lock spindle switch
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  • Relatively higher price than most rotary tools with similar features and functions
  • Building a jig may be needed to hold it steady, especially when feeding the tube
  • Separate purchase of Black and Decker RTX brushes to make the set more complete
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does it come with an engraving bit?

None yet. The rotary tool only comes with a sanding drum mandrel, a collet wrench, and five sanding bags.

Will a Dremel kit fit into the too?

Yes, if the Dremel kit comes in standard sizes.

Final Verdict

In a comparison of the Black and Decker RTX-6 vs. RTX-B, the latter will likely win but, in the end, personal preferences will still win. I suggest getting a rotary tool that will fit your current needs and wants in it, then start building on more complicated setups. But you may also find that, sometimes, the simpler set-ups work better, especially in home improvement projects.

Keep in mind, too, that my Black and Decker RTX-B review is based on my personal experiences with it. I recommend it because it works well for both novice and expert projects, as well as fit most other accessories.

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3 comments… add one
  • Mike Walls Feb 14, 2018 @ 2:41

    One of the most pleasant features that made me enjoy using this rotary tool was the great compatibility that allowed me to interchange parts with other rotary tools. The performance from this tool is top notch given that it comes with an additional motor which allowed me to handle even heavier tasks that other tools may find difficult to handle.

  • Richard Jul 31, 2019 @ 17:39

    Although there are 3 speeds marked on the speed control dial, the speeds are continuously variable, all the way down to a quite powerful slow that is slow enough to work plastics without melting them. Very happy with this unit – lots of torque over the whole range of speeds.

  • Frustrated! Jun 10, 2020 @ 13:24

    I’ve had this tool for over a year and have not yet been able to figure out how to attach heads/accessories to it! My husband and daughters got it for me for Mother’s Day last year, and I have been driven to tears several times because I simply can’t get any pieces to fit into the collet or shaft or whatever–well, no, we did get one to fit, finally, and now I can’t get it off! The collet nut unscrewed from the tool just fine, but the accessory’s bar or whatever it’s called is stuck in the nut, and I’ve just spent a frustrating twenty minutes trying to pull or screw it off.

    I thought it was just me, but my electrician couldn’t get any accessories into it, either, when he tried some months ago.

    Because it’s been so long–and I really didn’t need the tool for the work I was doing, so I only tried to use it a couple of times (but each attempt ended in frustration and unhappiness)–I can’t even remember if there was actually a collet to begin with; I’m pretty sure there was/is, but of course with the nut stuck with an accessory inside it I can’t confirm.

    Has anyone tried a universal keyless chuck with this tool? Do you need a collet for the keyless chuck to work, or does it fit right onto the shaft thus eliminating the need for a collet? I’m building storage beds for my daughters, and it would be so handy for making the drawers to be able to actually use this tool. I’m sure I can order a replacement collet & nut, but given that I’m pretty sure I had both and was unable to figure out how to make them work, I’d love to find a way to skip that altogether.

    (I know this sounds ridiculous! I swear I’m not a stupid lady, and I’m not inexperienced with power tools or hand tools/DIY in general–I’ve framed walls, cut and laid tile, hung [and taped, mudded, and finished] drywall, built shelves, cabinets, and beds…used jig saws, circular saws, rotary sanders, drills, impact drills…dug and poured foundations and built reinforced block walls…in the next six months we plan to break ground on a guest cottage we’re building ourselves…but this tool has defeated me!)

    Any suggestions?

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