Craftsman 220 Piece Mechanics Tool Set Review

Are you thinking of buying a Craftsman but still somewhat unsure? If so, this Craftsman 220 Piece Mechanics Tool Set review may be able to help.

I take a close look at the major features of this mechanic’s tool set and if it is as good as claimed.

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Highlighted Features

  • The set comes with over 100 metric/fractional sockets.
  • It has a magnetic handle with half a dozen nut drivers for precision work.
  • You can use the screwdriver bits with any compatible screwdriver.
  • The extension bars and the universal joints allow you to do intricate repair work.

The Tools Included is Very Useful

This Craftsman 220 piece tool set comes with several tools including 116 sockets, six combo wrenches, a dozen nut drivers and ½, ¼” and 3/8 drives.

The set also includes 40 screwdriver bits and two extension bars. This is in short, a comprehensive set that meets the needs of mechanics and car owners.

The Case is Durable

The case is well-made and keeps the contents protected. The case has a comfortable handle for easy carrying, and the black finish is nice.

The case’s interior is just as well-made. All the tools have their own spot so everything is neatly arranged.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have a durable case, and one that can hold all the tools, bits and pieces inside. With the Craftsman that is precisely what you get.

The Tools are Well-Designed

All the tools are solidly built, with the tools having a smooth, comfortable feel. Each tool is built out of alloy steel, and the silver coating gives it a durable finish.

These are mechanic grade tools, so you can use the wrenches on your car for repair and maintenance. The same high quality is present in the screwdriver bits, so they’re not going to break down while you’re using them.

The Wrenches are High Quality

The highlights on this Craftsman socket set are its wrenches which come in ½, 3/9 and ¼ drives. With its combination ratchets in metric and standard combinations, you can use these in different ways.

For the professional or weekend mechanic, there is no shortage of tools or sockets here. In fact they may be too many for the casual user, but it’s good to know the tools are there if you need it.

Built for Long Term Use

The Craftsman is known for their quality products and this is one of them. The solid finish provides each tool with the durability necessary when doing car work.

Like other Craftsman products, this 220 piece set has a lifetime warranty. This means when you buy this set you’re also assured the quality is top of the line.

[su_row] [su_column size=”1/2″][su_box title=”What I Like” radius=”0″ class=”pros”][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#7bc542″]
  • The set comes with the most commonly used tools needed for car work
  • Each socket and wrench is well-made
  • The case is durable and holds the tools in place
  • Several screwdriver bits are included in the set
  • All the tools are backed by a lifetime warranty
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  • Some of the tools may only be used by car enthusiasts
  • The handle on the small ratchet doesn’t work in both positions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this set made in China?

Yes it is made in China. However it still carries the same lifetime warranty like all other Craftsman products.

Does this come with a spark plug socket?

No it doesn’t.

If I put all the pieces in the case, will they remain in place when I carry it?

Yes, all the components and tools stay put when you close the case.

Are there ½ or 3/8 drive extensions included in the set?

A: There are no ½ or 3/8 inch drive extensions in this set.

Final Verdict

If you need a more compact set, check out my Craftsman 42 piece socket wrench set review, but for a complete set you cannot go wrong with the Craftsman 220. Put it simply, this is packed.

As this Craftsman 220 piece mechanics tool set review has shown, this set is good enough for professionals to use. However it is easy enough for even the more casual car owners, so I am giving this the thumbs up.
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  • John Glasgow Mar 5, 2018 @ 23:51

    One feature that I was quick to note in this tool was the magnetic handle that comes with half a dozen nut drivers. This has made my work easier and more accurate. Yet another very vital feature was the screwdriver that is very compatible with several bits. This meant I will not have to worry about mounting the bits in the drill.

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