How to Cut tile with a Dremel Rotary Tool

How to Cut tile with a Dremel Rotary ToolHave you ever try to cut tiles for your home improvement? Are you planning to kick-off your tile cutting project with a Dremel Rotary Tool? Do you want to know proper techniques to finish your project with optimal perfection?

If your answer is positive then you are in the right place to learn in detail process of how to cut tile with a rotary tool especially using a Dremel brand.

You never escape cutting tiles even a tiny piece while you are fixing your tiles on the wall or floor.

You just need to buy some bit shapes with different sizes to complete your cutting project on top.

Although, cutting tiles is not easy tasks but if you have decent tools. You have to do some rehearsal before starting your main cutting job. Be sure that you have some extra tile at the beginning of your cutting project to reduce the risk.

You need to practice to make a straight cut, cut a shape, cut small shapes and some other different shapes so that it makes you an expert.

Things need to consider:

If you want to be a professional tiles cutter then go for bit expensive Dremel rotary tools. You should start your own tiling project that makes you popular with others.

However, if you tiling project just around your home then you may hire a tile cutter to save additional costs.

You do not need to spend extra money for your one-time project. You can find lots of hiring tools available in your local tiles store.

You have to do the bulk job at the of start working on tile cutter. You need to consider what types of material you are going to cut including vinyl, porcelain, granite, mosaic, marble tiles on the basis of their thickness and area.

This judgment will help you to select appropriate cutter do perform your work. If you want to cut porcelain or ceramic tile for the small project you need to have a snap cutter to get your job amazingly done.

However, you need to consider many different cuts for large projects. So, you need a powerful cutter to make your job easier in a large project.

Selection of tiles cutter:

If you want to make straight cuts just think for Snap cutter. You have to clutch the tiles after selecting the position that allows you to notch up the cut line.  So, you able cut into two parts of your tiles.

If your budget is low and wants less complicated cutter then go for Snap cutter or rail cutter. Because Snap cutter is suitable for your own projects and other one is the best use for glossy and polished cutting action.

If you are actively involved with large cutting use a wet saw that makes the job quick and simple. Also, you can minimize dust level that will come out of the saw so you must wear safety glasses to reduce your physical injury.

Also, you need to use a correct power tool for smooth operation. Because best match tool will perform the job better and also safer during your cutting time.

The Dremel brand produces many options for cutting tile just you need to select your options and the type you need to cut.

There are two accessory and attachment options included with the Dremel rotary tile. It has 45-degree angle and you can adjust the cutting depth to involve the bits of tire cutting base.

Extended cutting may need different accessories. You should not put too much pressure while cutting tiles on the wall otherwise you may contact wires into the wall and cause serious personal damage.

Now I will discuss the following process that will help you to perform your cutting task in a simple way:

Procedures for Straight cut:

Process 1:

You need to use a pencil or any kind of temporary marker and put a mark where the tile needs to be cut. And please keep in mind that you have to cut smaller hole onto the tile than marking the spot. A smaller hole will allow you grout joints properly.

Process 2:

You have to place the tile into the tile cutter for cutting. You have to operate scorer across the tile but make sure it will once only. This process creates a spilled point.

Process 3:

You have to push downhill the breaker and it will produce a nice, clean, and smooth tile cut.

Procedures for a shape cut:

You may need to cut around a diffusion or want to make a round hole in the doorframe. You need to make a shape cut that time.

You should us an electric grinder to make a hole into the surface. You need to cut from the side then do cutting in the middle.

You have to break the small pieces of the tiles by using tile nibblers till you reach your desired shape.

Always, try small cutting at a time for your accuracy and standard time frame. You must not break up the whole shape on your first attempt take your time to make more perfect.

Now I am going to tell you a summarize process that needs your cutting work done properly:

Summarized procedures:

  • Use tool collet for inserting Dremel tool bit.
  • Make sure you tighten the collet properly.
  • Plug in the tool to get a proper power supply.
  • Turn on the tool and use the rotation from 25000 to 35000 rpm.
  • Hold on to the tile securely and use the cutting bit for drill work.
  • Continue the tasks until the cut is done.
  • Switched off the Dremel
  • Use adhesive tape to the tile and place them back into the wall or your required place.

Cutting Tile: Choosing the Right Tool

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Final words:

To cut tile perfectly is not a difficult job rather your need to involve an extensive time for practice. It is all about using your common sense and some kind of basic measurement skills. But after some time when you are involving several tiles cutting project, of course, you will be expert and clearly understand of how to cut tile by using your Dremel bit.

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