Dewalt DW660 Cut-Out Rotary Tool Review

In recent years, the popularity of cutout tools has increased due to infomercials, YouTube tutorials, and DIY projects. Here’s my DEWALT DW660 review, which I considered necessary as it’s among the most popular today. By the way, DEWALT (also spelled DeWalt or Dewalt) is an American international brand of hand and power tools used in the construction, woodworking, and manufacturing industries.

[image_align align=”center”]DEWALT DW660 Cut-Out 5 Amp 30,000 RPM Rotary Tool with 1/8-Inch and 1/4-Inch Collets[/image_align]

Highlighted Features

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  • 5.0 amp motor sufficient for most DIY applications
  • Motor sealed against possible damage caused by dust, falls and other accidents
  • Bits and collets for cutting included in the package but more may be needed
  • Compatibility with other accessories, such as RotoZip blades
  • Cutting tool can be adjusted according to the thickness of the material


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Keep in mind that Dewalt DW660 cut out tool is mainly used by electricians, carpenters, and drywall installers. While there are many exaggerated claims made about its versatility, the Dewalt cut out tool uses center on its effectiveness in making quick cutouts in plywood, tile, and drywall.

Powerful 5.0 amp motor with 30,000 revolutions/minute capacity

The Dewalt DW660 circle cutter is powered by a robust 5.0 amp motor, arguably the most powerful in its category. No wonder it’s a favorite cutout tool for professionals including general contractors and drywall installers. The job of cutting through various materials is faster and easier because of its 30,000 rpm capacity, too, which many other cutout tools can’t match.

Sealed motor lessens dust damage

Many cutout tools quickly become useless because their motors become damaged by dust infiltrating its nooks and crannies. The Dewalt 660 has a sealed motor and switch, which protects it from the dust, dirt and debris generated when it’s in use. This is then a great drywall tool, especially if your job involves drywall repair and renovation.  

Spiral cutting bits mean fast work of cutting

The spiral Dewalt cut out tool bits allow for fast and easy cutting into tile, plywood, and drywall, whether plunging into a cut or cutting at a lateral angle. The robust motor will not overheat even when you’re cutting through a 1 1/2–inch wood. The depth guard prevents contact with wires behind the wall, a safety feature that I appreciated.

Fast changing of bits

The Dewalt DW660 bits can be easily and safely changed without using a wrench, thanks to the tool-free bit feature. You can also quickly shut down the rotary cutting tool in case of an emergency with the turn on and bump off switch.

Bits already included

The Dewalt DW660 accessories already included in the box include a drywall cutting bit, as well as collets in two sizes – 1/4 and 1/8”.  You can add other bits but these are sold separately.

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  • Slim profile that easily fits into any hand yet still provides a balanced hold
  • Heavy-duty casing that protects the motor from a few accidents(e.g., falls)
  • Powerful motor suitable for a dedicated cutout tool for various surfaces
  • Sealed motor protects against premature damage from dust
  • Depth guard is a good safety factor
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  • Learning curve in placing the bit
  • Lock washer becomes the first thing to be damaged due to frequent use
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What’s the maximum thickness of the material that can be cut by the rotary cutout tool?

I have cut through a ¾-inch thick plywood but I know that it will cut through thicker materials. Be sure to use the depth guard so that you will not cut through the electrical wires underneath.

Can it be used to cut through a fairly straight line similar to a router?

Not as effectively as a router so I suggest using one instead. But the Dewalt 660 is a great tool for making rough plunge cuts in a wall.

Final Verdict

In a Dewalt DW660 vs. Dremel comparison, both can be winners since the best choice always depends on your specific uses for a rotary tool. But in a Dewalt DW660 vs. Rotozip comparison, the latter has an edge because of its more powerful motor (5.5 amp) and more accessories. Still, I think that the former will still deliver on the job, especially when you use it for the primary job it was designed for.

I hope that my DEWALT DW660 review provided information that will help in your decision. It’s a useful tool but the final decision to buy it or not to buy it is still in your hands.

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  • Harold Anderson Feb 15, 2018 @ 1:12

    I will surely be grateful and proud for spending on this tool as it has proved durable especially with the motor which is well sealed to keep it free of dust and mechanical damages. The package kit has several accessories that were of great help when cutting. The tool require little technical assistance as it is a DIY making it simple and easy to operate by yourself.

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