Dremel 7700 Cordless Rotary Tool Review : Be Free Without a Cord

Dremel already offers a cordless rotary tool in the Dremel 8220. However, you may be wanting to get something more powerful. This Dremel 7700 cordless rotary tool review takes a look at one of your options.

I put this tool through its paces and I am very impressed with what I saw.

Highlighted Features:

  • The cordless feature makes it an ideal tool for a wide variety of jobs that reach into awkward places.
  • The toolset on it is a bit limited, but it performs a good share of jobs like trimming dog nails and the like.
  • The removable batteries are pretty powerful and can be convenient.
  • The simple two-speed setting makes operating the device a breeze.
  • The charger is pretty accurate on its charge.



The most important feature it has is the fact is it’s cordless. This Dremel 7700 review would be incomplete if that wasn’t mentioned.

The main thing to remember about being cordless is that it allows people the freedom to use it in various situations. For example, if I need a grinder or polisher that can fit well under the sink, I would reach for this product.

Two Speed Settings

When I work with rotary tools, I appreciate the fact that not all speeds are good for the tools. For example, go too fast with a grinding head, you’ll end up grinding it down.

This is why I appreciate the two-speed setting on this device. Either put it at 10,000 RPM or the faster 20,000 RPM for your needs.

Removable Battery

The main limitations of cordless devices is the battery. Though the battery life has improved over the Dremel 7300, it is still a battery.

However, there is a neat innovation with this product. You can now remove batteries and replace them for continued use. With unused batteries put in the Dremel 7700 charger, you can charge batteries while you are working.

3-Hour Charger

Speaking about the charger, it pretty nice this time around. Considering it powers up a 7.2V battery, three hours is a good time.

Besides that, the charger has a nice LED light to indicate the charge level. You can opt to start using the battery before the full charge and you’ll know how much charge there is inside the battery.

15 Accessories

The Dremel 7700 accessories may not be as numerous as other product packages but they are still impressive. A surprising thing about it is that these accessories make this the best rotary tool for dog nails.

This is thanks to the unofficial Dremel dog nails attachment, the sanding roll. Instead of trimmers, a lot of dog owners use the sanding tool to grind down the claws of their favorite pooch.

What I Like

  • One of the unintended pros is that this is the first Dremel for dog nails with many reviews saying it’s the better option over clippers.
  • There is no question about how to use it or how to change bits since it’s all pretty simple to operate.
  • The small size helps it fit in a wide variety of spaces.
  • The powerful battery lets me work for a long time.

What I Didn’t Like

  • The device is limited only to 20,000 RPM which is disappointing.
  • The limited accessory set that comes with the device can be a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How do I use this to trim dog nails?

It’s pretty simple actually. Just use the sanding roll attachment that comes with it.
The main procedure is to slowly grind down the long toe nails. The gentle grinding at the lower speed level won’t hurt the dogs at all. However, be sure that the tool is far from fur so it won’t get entangled with the tool.

How powerful are the batteries?
They are 7.2 Ni-Cad batteries and they are pretty powerful. Even at less than a full charge they can deliver a fast turn on the tool.

Final Verdict/Conclusion
This Dremel 7700 cordless rotary tool review should give you a good idea of what to expect when you buy this tool. This is a good investment even with a limited toolset.

You can use it from trimming dog nails to cutting metal. The simple operation makes it even more useful. Overall, I would recommend buying it.

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  • Jonathan Cisneros Feb 22, 2018 @ 20:53

    Portability is one feature I am very keen on when purchasing a device and sure enough, this rotary tool did not disappoint me. Its cordless feature makes its very portable. The fact that I can perform several tasks with this rotary tool makes me rate it highly among the rotary tools in the market today.

  • ronnie Apr 2, 2018 @ 13:03

    love your attitude and knowledge. thanks for sharing. Ronnie

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