Gearwrench Screwdriver Set Review 80066 20 Piece Master Dual Material

This Gearwrench screwdriver set review is going to explain all the essential features of this set. Gearwrench has manufactured several of these so it’s only natural to ask, is this set any better?

You probably have a screwdriver or two lying around your house, so is there anything in the set that makes it a must-buy?
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Highlighted Features

  • The set includes torx, Philips, slotted, hex bolster screwdrivers and more.
  • The ergonomic handle makes each one comfortable to use even for long periods.
  • The size and part number have been laser etched so they’re easy to read.
  • The chrome vanadium steel shaft provides extra strength and power.

Screwdrivers are Comfortable to Use

This Gearwrench ratcheting screwdriver set has tri-globe ergonomic handles, giving them extra strength while still comfortable to use. Ergonomics might seem like overkill, but prolonged use can lead to fatigue.

With the Tri-lobe ergonomic handle, the screwdriver gives you the right balance without compromising performance.

We don’t put a lot of thought to using a screwdriver, and it’s not something you usually associate with fatigue. But if you use a lot of screwdrivers, comfort will be an issue.

That is why this is one of the most important features on this screwdriver set. When it comes to comfort and reliability, there is not a lot to ask for here.

Easy Identification

This screwdriver set has 20 pieces, and each one has been laser etched with the size so they’re easy to identify.

How many times has it happened that you tried a screwdriver and found out it doesn’t fit? With the 20 pieces in the Gearwrench torx screwdriver set, you have the most commonly used sizes at your disposal.

Durable Construction

The Gearwrench 80066 20 piece master dual material screwdriver set has a chrome vanadium steel shaft. This gives each screwdriver the strength necessary for certain operations.

The 80066 screwdriver set is built in accordance with Gearwrench’s high standards. With this set you can screw and unscrew with pressure, knowing the screwdriver isn’t going to break down.

Speed Zone

All the screwdrivers on this set have a Speed Zone designed for applications with low torque. Some applications just have low torque, but with the Speed Zone you can quickly turn them now.

This Speed Zone is unique to this Gearwrench set, and it’s a useful feature in a variety of applications.

Easy to Use

All the screwdrivers here have a black oxide nonslip tip, so when it comes into contact with the fastener, it won’t slip off. With other screwdrivers you struggle just getting the tip to fit, but not here.

A lot of thought went into these screwdrivers’ design, and that is only good news for those who go for quality screwdrivers.

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  • The screwdrivers are comfortable to use
  • The screwdrivers work well on low torque applications
  • The durable design makes them ideal for daily use
  • The black oxide tip keeps it from slipping
  • Different screwdriver sizes are included
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  • More suited for household than mechanic use
  • The handle design isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as other designs
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the socket set tray?

The tray measures 14″ by 14 3/8″.

How clear are the markings on the screwdriver?

The markings are easy to read so with a glance you know what the size is.

Does this set include ratchets and sockets or just screwdrivers?

No, all 20 pieces are screwdrivers. If you’re looking for sockets, check out this Gearwrench socket set review.

Are these heavy duty screwdrivers?

These screwdrivers are designed for small household jobs, and they are not suitable for industrial level applications.

Are these screwdriver handles durable?

The handles are relatively soft, but they are still durable.

Final Verdict

The name Gearwrench is synonymous with quality products, and this screwdriver set is one of the best they have. The screwdrivers included here are made of solid materials and suitable for households everywhere.

This Gearwrench screwdriver set review will conclude by saying this is a high-quality product. There are probably other sets with more screwdrivers, but the 20 pieces chosen here are the most likely you’re going to use, so it’s practical.
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  • Jason Hutchinson Mar 8, 2018 @ 10:12

    The handle of this tool is well designed so that you never have to strain when using this rotary tool. This allows the user to operate for long periods without getting tired due to strains. My work is made easier by the fact that the size and number of the tools are well etched with the laser meaning I do not have to strain my eyes to figure out the size.

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