Hitachi GP10DL Cordless Rotary Tool Review : Best Hitachi Tool Ever

I like working with metals and this Hitachi GP10DL cordless rotary tool review reflects my experience in using it for grinding and sanding my little projects. I pretty much bought It since it is cordless and it is worth the investment.

Anyone picking this rotary tool up will love it for what it brings to the table.

[image_align align=”center”]Hitachi GP10DL Cordless 12-Volt Peak Lithium-Ion Variable Speed Rotary Tool With 40-Piece Accessory Set[/image_align]

Highlighted Features:

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  • I pretty much love it for being cordless and allowing me to work from all angles.
  • The anti-vibration feature is a great help for better accuracy in my work.
  • Another big helps is the LED light that gives my project good illumination.
  • The accessories are also a big help in the variety they provide.



Just like the Dremel 7700[2], this device operates on battery power and without a cord. However, in a Hitachi GP10DL vs Dremel 7700 comparison, I would side with the Hitachi.
This is because of its compact and lightweight design. This maximizes the advantage of being cordless, allowing for this product to be used in a variety of situations.

Variable Speed

One of the factors that pop up a lot in Hitachi rotary tool reviews is the fact that they have a wide range of speeds. This particular model has a minimum of around 5,000 RPM, while it maxes out at 35,000 RPM.
That’s an impressive range and should allows me to do a variety of work ranging from grinding to cutting.

Great Accessories

All of this is possible thanks to the many tools available to this product. It comes with  over 40 accessories and a solid black carrying case.
There are cutting bits and more in the set. However, the real jewel is the case. Thanks to it,I can bring this device anywhere.

LED Light

Another nice touch with this device is its LED light. I have worked in some places where a bit of light could of great use. This is where the light comes in.
If I needed it, I just turned it on. Yes, it ate up the charge faster, but seeing what you are doing is pretty important.


Another important thing about this product is the anti-vibration feature. One of the problems with working with rotary tools is the powerful motors vibrate a lot and it affects how people use it.
With this tool, I barely felt anything. This allowed me to be more accurate in work and I think a lot of people would be pleased about that fact.

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  • This device is very powerful with a max speed of 35,000 RPM.
  • It is very portable, thanks to its cordless nature and its sold carrying case.
  • Compact design lets people use it in a variety of ways that a corded tools would not normally be used.
  • Multiple Hitachi rotary tool accessories allows for a variety of tool bits and purposes.
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  • I do have some complaints about the quality of some of the tools since they tend to break too easily.
  • Another problem is the motor shaft which seem to break at constant high speeds.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What accessories will this tool accept?

Primarily, you will have the least trouble with Hitachi tool sets. Buy an upgraded set now to get the full range of functions.
However, you can also reliably turn to Dremel tool sets as an alternative. They work quite well and are even more durable than those from Hitachi.


Can I use these to trim human/dog nails?

Yes. These cordless rotary tools are actually ideal for nail trimming.
Using the sanding rolls, people can trim nails in a safe and painless way. Just use them at the lowest speed setting for maximum safety.

Final Verdict/Conclusion

My Hitachi GP10DL cordless rotary tool review is pretty glowing. This device is a great product despite its faults.
With its variable speeds and high RPM, this device do a variety of jobs. It also helps that the device comes with a whole bunch of accessories that I learned to appreciate.

I greatly recommend this device to those looking for a good rotary tool product. It is a god investment for any toolkit.
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  • Robert Sanchez Feb 24, 2018 @ 1:04

    If you are one person who likes working with good illumination like me, then this rotary tool will be of great help to you. It has LED light that provide good illumination thus high accuracy in my work. The several accessories contained in the package kit are of great help as they enable me carry out diverse tasks.

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