How to Change Dremel bit – A Step by Step Guide

How to Change Dremel bitDid you already buy your Dremel rotary tool? Are you feeling stress to change your Dremel Bit? Or even do you want to know how to change drill bits?

Then you have come to the right article to get to know the step by step process of changing your bits without less or no hassle.

In my article, I will show you simple and easy steps so that it will act as your own personal guide. Just spend only a few minutes and stick to read my article once, definitely, you will learn the amazing drill bits changing system.

So, keep reading!!

Key information you need to know:

So, before start working with your drill, you have to learn the uses of this versatile tool. Also, you must know how to install a bit and remove it to make your drill works quicker and simpler.

First, you must protect your eyes with protective sunglasses that are anti-fog coating enabled. Because when you drill into iron and steel it generates sparks and sometimes it may cause severe damage to your eyes.

Next stage, if you are at the beginner’s level not start tackling complex project yet you just need to go for general purpose twist drills that have 135- degree split point.

It is enough to start your drill work with 15-20 piece set. You can buy longer, larger bits separately for your convenient time.

If you do not use your drill then mark the shaft of the drill bit with masking tape or you can use a drill stop.

All in all, if you take longer to drive fasteners then you need a replaceable drive bits kit. Just you need to insert the drive bit to an extension for making them extra long reach.

Inserting a drill bit in the chuck:

The chuck is used for holding the bit during the drill work. There are three jaws inside the chuck that you only able to see when revolving the collar. The key points you must keep in mind that when installing a bit make sure it is centered all of the jaws of the chuck.

Types of chuck:

Dremel bit highspeed cutter

Photo by Chris Sammis/ CC BY

There are two types of chuck that are commonly using to hold the drill bit. First one is keyless chuck that is used for most portable drills. You need to insert a drill bit between jaws and rotate the collar till it gets tight.

Another chuck you can use for your woodshop named keyed chuck. You may find this chuck older or larger drills or in a drill press.  You need to apply same procedures as you use for keyless chuck.

So, what about your confidence level of using your Dremel tool? I just consider it’s boosted and now I will answer your million dollar question. Otherwise, you may start talking come on man! I need to know how to change a Dremel bit.

I will explain this process into different steps that you need to go through in the following way:

As I mentioned earlier that you must oblige all safety measures the time you are using your tool. This part of the article will assist you in the different stages of how efficiently you able to remove and insert Dremel bits.

Process 1: Push the shaft lock button and hold for few moments:

Before changing the bit you need to press the shaft lock switch. You may see it has a button that keeps the shaft close to the front side of the Dremel.

You have to follow a common rule to ensure your hands are not wet during the bit changing process.

Process 2: Take away the collet

When you open the shaft lock control, the collet metal nut will be losing automatically. You realize it just touch by using your fingers. You need to turn the collet towards antilock direction till you able to separate from the tool.

Process 3: Disconnect the synthetic cup

You find an attached plastic housing cup come along with the device. You need to detach the plastic synthetic mug till comes on your hand.

You keep in mind that do not power otherwise you may finish your task just destroying the threads.

Process 4: Separate the collet from the shaft

In this process you have to take away the collet from the motor shaft softly otherwise it may damage and you cannot use it for further. It’s a tiny metal comes with silver color and back is narrower and has a comparatively wider front.

Once you have detached make sure that you place it inside the metal collet nut. When inserting it is important always to make sure that it is tightly fixed in the metallic nut that holds the collet because if it is loosely attached, it will not be able to function.

Process 5: Inserting the bit


Photo by Maik/ CC BY

After inserting the nut into metal collet you need to pop in the Dremel bit inside the collet all the way to collet nut. Just be remember Dremel device has 4 separate collet sizes and you can use them according to your requirement.

Just keep in mind you tight the nut proper and there is not room for movement or twisting.

Process 6: Fixing them back again:

The essential parts that you removed from the drill need to fix them back again to finish installing drill bit. First tighten the plastic cup softly then put back the collet inside the motor driving shaft and if the bit is fixed holding the collet just above the accumulated components.

Finally, just tightening collet by using your hands then use the fastening button just ensure the Dremel bit and collet locked by you.

You have to click the sound that will provide you accurate information whether the tool bit has locked or not.

You can now use your Dremel tool for various purposes and the ultimate tasks that you need to do.

Finally, I expect these informative contents really helpful for your to change your Dremel tool.

Dremel Flexshaft – Mounting And Example Of Use

 Final words:

All in all, I hope this article has helped to understand how to change Dremel bit of your Dremel tool.

You already know that you do not need to be a professional assistance using this particular tool.

Thus. It is very important to know how to change Dremel bit and does not forget to comply the overall safety procedures.

This, therefore, means that there is essentially no professional input required in using this particular tool. Thus, the significance of knowing how to remove and insert different types of Dremel bits in this tool.

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