How to Clean a Tool Bag – Step by Step Guide

Whether you walk around with hand tools, power tools or garden tools, you need a bag to carry the tools. After using your bag for quite some time, you need to clean it and remove the accumulated dirt.

So, do you know how to clean a tool bag? Would you like a guide on the same so that you can do it perfectly?

The way you clean the tools after use, you should also do the same to your tool bag. Not everyone remembers that tool bags require cleaning. Dusting it doesn’t always save you the trouble of cleaning and you should once in a while clean it in depth.

Here are a few steps that you are to follow when cleaning your tool bag to ensure that you achieve the results that you are looking for.

When you clean your bag, you are sure of using the bag for quite some time before you think of cleaning it once again.

Step 1: Use warm water and soap

Warm water is effective for cleaning because it always removes more dirt and soil. You should learn to use soap when cleaning your tool bag and avoid using detergents and bleach.

Do not wash it straight away. Instead, soak it for some time first. Soaking the bag will thoroughly dampen the different stains hence giving you an easy time when you start washing it.

Always prepare warm soapy water and rinse a couple of times with clear water. If you use soap with cold water, you will not be able to achieve the desired results because not all the dirt will come out and that is why warm water is always advised

Step 2: Non-toxic cleaner

There is an all-purpose simple green cleaner that is designed to clean off the marks that are in your tool bag and if there are stubborn marks then make a dilution of household bleach to help you rid of the marks and leave your tool bag sparkling.

Stick to using the cleaner because it is the only cleaner that is more effective compared to other cleaning agents such as dry cleaning fluids and lacquer solvents.

All they do is attack the surface of the bag. Avoid using harsh detergents on the tool bag because it can end up ruining the bag and you will have to spend some extra money purchasing a new one.

Step 3: Medium bristle scrubbing

The bag needs a little scrubbing in order to loosen the soiling agent from the embossed surfaces. Do not thorough scrub it because you may end up spoiling the bag, the bag only needs medium scrubbing.

You should only use a bristle because it works well on the bag because using other scrubbers like a steel wool will dull the surface of the bag.

Too much scrubbing might contribute to the destruction of the webbing and the threading of the bag.

With the medium scrubbing, you get to enjoy the appearance your tool bag without ruining it whatsoever.

The level of scrubbing is determined by the material of the bag because there are materials that are not supposed to be scrubbed and here are those that also need a thorough scrubbing.

Step 4: Clear rinsing

After cleaning the tool bag using warm soapy water and medium scrubbing it, ensure that you rinse it a couple of times using clear water.

Several clear water rinses ensure that there is no soap on the bag. This should be the final touches of the cleaning as clear water will rinse the tool bag completely in such a way that it will get rid of all the soapy remains and the remains of the cleaner from the scrubbing.

After you have rinsed it in a proper way, you can hang it to dry before you get to use it once again.

Final Verdict

If you know how to clean a tool bag, maintaining it becomes easy. This leads to a long life expectancy and you will be able to use it to for quite a long period of time.

Ensure that you do clean the bag one in a while because regular cleaning might make the bag weak and might destroy the webbing and the threading of the bag.

Make sure that you follow up the above steps and be sure to always carry a tool bag that is clear and in a very good condition. Prolong the use of your tool bag by putting it consideration regular cleaning and maintenance of the bag.

Don’t just dust your tools and forget all about the bag because it is also important that you do clean your tool bag.

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