How To Cut A Bolt With A Dremel – Step by Step Guide

Do you regularly handle your DIY applications and many other projects using your Dremel? Does cutting your bolts become a daunting task?

Well, a Dremel is a hand-held tool that comes with creative attachments for cleaning, cutting, carving through metal materials and wood among other tasks.

Additionally, you can use a Dremel to cut through rusty bolts you might find hard to remove using any other means.

Apart from that, it could be mind-boggling to untighten a bolt that is in a tricky position or one that needs to cut due to any other reason. A Dremel will be useful in such situations.

This call for creative ideas on how best cut such bolts to achieve expected results. How about these useful tips on how to cut a bolt with a Dremel?

Steps to cutting a bolt using a Dremel

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned DIY expert, it doesn’t have to a hard task as you go through your projects. You can safely and quickly cut the bolts in the simplest way.

First approach

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  • First things first, you need to identify where exactly the bolt needs to be cut; you can do this through accurate measuring.
  • Therefore, ensure you mark the point where you need to bolt cut to avoid chances of missing the mark. Remember, this will also depend on how many times you need the bolts cut if it is sizable enough and whether there is enough space for cutting it using your Dremel. You can use a sharp marker at this point.
  • Besides that, consider attaching the shaft or spindle in a lathe to the cutting wheel. Remove the screw from the end of the mandrel.
  • After that, you need to insert the screw into the small hole in the cutting wheel then substitute the screw with the cutting wheel on it into the Dremel mandrel. To ensure it is tight, at this point you can use an effective tool like a screwdriver.

Second approach

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  • Consider loosening the wedge at the end of your Dremel and then insert the mandrel. You can use its wrench to do wedge tightening.

 Third approach

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  • Thus, for you safety reasons, at this stage, you need to be on goggles or any protective eye gear as you plug in the Dremel before stating doing the cutting. Protective eye gear with anti-fog coating will be a great choice.
  • Consequently, consider turning on your Dremel to a suitable speed of about 30 to 40 RPM. This is a standard speed for the cutting wheel to do the spinning at for efficient and effective cutting.
  • As you hold your Dremel, use one hand to hold the rotary tool as you use the other to maintain stability and guide your cutting angle to your preference.

Fourth approach

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  • It is imperative you aim your cutting wheel to the bolt marked point earlier. I suggest you apply pressure as you direct your cutting wheel to this mark stably and consistently. This will weaken the point being cut quickly.
  • For better results, consider going around the bolt, if possible, as you direct your cutting wheel around the bolt with numerous passes until you are able to cut through the bolt.
  • Notably, be careful not to apply too much pressure at the expense of maintaining the stability you need against the bolt as the cutting wheel does the rest of the job.
  • The wheel and the suggested standard speed is appropriate to ensure you equally use less of the effort and cut the bolt effectively.

 Fifth approach

Once the bolt is cut out, you need to remove your dremel and keep it away. You can repeat these approaches throughout all the bolts you are cutting if they are many.

Factors to consider for effective bolt cutting using your Dremel tool

Cutting your bolt won’t be successful without the right rotary tool; Dremel has many tools perfected for the job.

Pay attention to these aspects for the most efficient way to round cutting your bolts using your Dremel:

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  • It is important you get the right tool. The Dremel Oscillating tools and Maxi tools have the capability to cut bolt metals that are thicker and hard.
  • Consequently, ensure your dremel has the right quality of the wheel, blade diameter and blade thicknesses that match the size of the bolts you are to cut.
  • Furthermore, check the materials used to design your dremel wheel. This is imperative when handling a lot of cutting of bolts to avoid using wheel crafts that will disappoint.
  • Additionally, it will prudent if you check the RPM (rotations per minute) –speed your dremel has to avoid setting your speed higher than the one recommended for your rotary tool.
  • Remember to check the shank size of your dremel (that part that normally goes into the chunk or collet) is your dremel able to handle this kind of shank size? Check on this to avoid specification inconveniences.
  • As a result, before embarking on cutting your bolts, you don’t want to use a single wheel, if you are cutting many bolts that will wear out and leave you grounded.
  • Ensure you get extra dremel blades or wheels in your pack for possible replacements. This will save your time and enable your carry your projects smoothly.
  • Additionally, consider having a spare dremel, if you can afford it, just in case you need to cut a lot of bolts with some assistance within a short period.


Ensure you get not only the right cutting tool for the bolts but also you wear the right gloves for your hand.

This will protect your hands from sharp blades or bits and other debris that you might be churning out of your cuttings.

Wear appropriate lenses to protect your eyes from the sparks and other metal shards during the bolt cutting.

I hope this article not only puts you a step head into cutting your bolts but also leaves your passionate and prepared to enjoy cutting bolts.

Using your Dremel the effective and efficient way for all your DIY applications should not be a hard task anymore.

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