How to Engrave Stone with a Dremel Tool – Step by Step Guide

Would you love to know how to engrave stone with a dremel?  If you have experienced certain occasions where you were attracted to engraved rocks then you must be definitely interested in mastering how to make one.

Stones are the greatest materials for crafting. This is because they are not easily destroyed, readily available and they leave a lasting impression without destroying the beauty of the environment.

If you need to give your home a unique appearance or you want to surprise someone with a self-designed gift capturing their names or believes, then engraved stones could be one of your options.

However, after painting the stones most people are faced with difficulties on how to curve them. if you have no idea on how to engrave stones with a Dremel, this quick simple guide will be quite useful for your crafting activities.

With a Dremel tool, engraving stones are made much simple regardless of its size or shape. This easy to follow steps will guide you in your engraving process, let’s get started.

What You Need To Have


This sounds obvious, however, for you to use a Dremel you need to have one first. Always choose one that is suitable for the kind of work needed.

Diamond Bits

Why diamond bits? Diamond bits are very strong and can be used for engraving hard objects, this will work just perfectly for engraving stone.


You need one of this to draw a sketch of lines that you will be racing against. You may use a pencil for extremely thin lines but a regular sharpie is suitable for standard line sizes.


Have the material that you are going to be engraved on in place. It is advisable to have extra ones just in case you run into accidents which may damage the stone you are working on.


Use a large enough container to hold water and place it just next to your workstation, it should be easily accessible during the process.

Good workstation

Considering that dust will be produced during the process, I highly recommend that you set your workstation outside or any other environment that can get rid of dust easily.


Working with smaller stones could be difficult in terms of its stability, for this reason, you need to hold it down firmly which a vise does it perfectly for you. However, it might not be necessary when working on a large stone which is stable by itself.

Stone Engraving Process

 Step 1: Cleaning the stone

Before starting anything else you need to make sure that the stone is in the right form free from any hindrances such as dirt or debris, after cleaning it with water give it some time to dry or you can speed up the drying process by wiping with a clean cloth.

Step 2: Drawing your partition

This is the first step of any engraving process. Here you need to figure out what you want to engrave it on the stone then using a pencil or any other suitable object sketch the design on the stone itself.

However, it is recommended that you first try out your sketches on a piece of paper before drowning them on the stone to minimize errors.

Step 3: Clamping your stone down

Poor stability could affect the accuracy of your crafting process, for this reason, you need to clamp down the stone so that it is very stable to work on. This will increase your precision when performing the engraving process.

Step 4: Getting the stone wet

Might you be thinking, what’s the chance of wetting the rock? Well, wetting the stone is very effective for your engraving process since it reduces the temperature of the spot which experiences a lot of friction.

Wetting the stone is also important for visibility because it keeps dust out of your working lines. For this reasons, keep pouring a little water every time you pause when using the Dremel tool.

Step 5: tracing your lines

In this step begin by holding the Dremel perpendicular to your stone, make sure you are comfortable with your positions to attain a nice cut. Then, adjust the Dremel to a low-speed level for accuracy.

Begin with going over the lines that are sharp which needs more precision, go over the lines as many times as possible to bring your design to perfection.

Periodically pour water on the stone to cool down its temperature resulting from friction and to remove dust on your way giving you a good visibility.

Continue cutting along the lines repeatedly until you achieve a depth of your desired size. Do not apply pressure when cutting along the lines but rather perform the cuts repeatedly until you reach the depth you need.

After this, go over the whole pattern to make sure it is smooth and the cutting is done evenly.

Step 6: Rinsing the stone

Here you need to rinse the engraving with plenty of water to remove dust and to lower its temperature.

Take a good look at the lines, are they even? If your answer is yes then you have a great finish.

However, if you are not satisfied with its look you need to go over it again making adjustments.

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Everyone wishes to make their home look attractive with unique engraved designs or you just want to design a custom-made gift for your friend to add flavor to their celebrations.

However, designing one to achieving a good attractive finish could be a problem especially if you are new to this kind of work and you don’t know how to engrave stone with a Dremel to get the job done.

Considering that engraving stone is a work that attracts a high level of focus to attain maximum precision, a well-laid plan is very important for the success of your project.

This guide is very effective in your stone engraving process and it takes you through quite smoothly ensuring that the success of your project is attained.

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