How to Organize a Tool Chest like a Pro – A Complete Beginners Guide

How to Organize a Tool Chest like a ProTo buy various tools is very easy but Organizing tools in a tool chest are more important than buying lots of tools. If you are struggling with the tool organization and need an outstanding solution for your tool chest just stick to my article.

So, you already bought a wide range of mechanic tools and just keep your tool in a scattered way. Sometimes even you spend a long time to find out your most important tool to fix your repair work.

Now the question may arise in your mind of how to organize a tool chest because it is easy to buy mechanic tools but not so easy to maintain a dynamic organization.

In my article, I will discuss the step by step process so you easily pick the best idea why you need a tool chest. Also, you able know the procedures of organizing your tools based on importance and priority to use them.

I put some advice and possible recommendations to craft your tools that will be easier to use when you want them during your working time, rather provide you basic information of your own tool.

Why do you need a tool chest?

If you waste huge time to search your particular tool may slow down your work pace. A well-organized tool chest absolutely cut back you’re wasting time and as mechanics, you have a large number of tools and without a tool chest keeping them organized too difficult task.

Now, Million dollar question arises actually how to organize a tool box? Like a pro.

A tool chest seems is a personal sort of sphere and it varies because different people have a different idea of the appropriate layout for their tools.

However, if you consider the involvement of tools for your repair work and where you want to put them based on the hierarchy of the tools.

Tool organization:

You need to categorize your tools according to SAE and Metric tools standard. Put them into separate drawers so you can avoid solitary.

If you have enough space sort drives according to your sizes. It will also help you to save your time.

If you organize your tools that way you come to know quickly where you need to go for any specific sizes for particular sockets.

You can apply same principles to screwdrivers to give them their own places. You can put them by category including Philip, slotted and screw lock. You need to put a level for each category to ensure easy reach.

Organize your tools according to your requirement is the best practice I have ever suggest you.

A portable tool chest is most suitable for small scale tools. You do not buy heavy duty tool chest for little tools otherwise it will be your wrong investment on your tool chest.

I would suggest you buy medium size rollaway tool chest so you can place most portable tool box on top your chest.

Tools placement:

Place heavier tools in the base drawers so you can avoid a high risk of falling injury. Even if you buy Best tool chest you need to put light weight tools on top of the shelves. If you follow this process you tool chest will be more stable, stronger. You also use your tool drawers for a longer period of time.

Power tools require more spaces because it is comparatively heavier and bigger. So you can put them in the lower drawers that have enough deep.

Place all the sockets in the top drawers mark them according to their sizes and uses frequency so you can reach so quickly whenever you need them.

You may face tremendous complexity at the time of your special needs.

You need to mark and keep them a right place of your screwdrivers; special tools chisel and so on.

Many tool manufacturers suggest the different idea of your tool organization. But most accepted is craftsman suggestion that if you want the best layout to keep most common using tools in your middle drawers.

But keep in mind you need sufficient space in your tool chest to make a decent tool organization.

Organize your tool board within your reach:

To minimize tool hazards and personal injury keeps the tool within your reach. Tool chest organization is an essential part of your DIY works especially in rushing time it may fall down and caused serious injury.

So, hang your larger tool to a pegboard or hang them on hooks. It will save your valuable time. You can find them and get them easily.

But it does not work with a mobile tool chest. So, it is the best idea to keep them in a permanent place in the workstation or in your garage.

Many manufacturers produce their tools including many wrench sets are supplied just keeps in mind to hang them perfectly in the boxed ends.

To have a perfect tool chest you have to brainstorm first and create a primary layout. If you do not enough tool collection you need to buy them to fill the gap.

My honest advice locates your tool in order to put them a similar group together. It will save your time and increase your efficiency and productivity.  Also, you can achieve a great control over your tools able to reach them in your need.

Organize your tool according to your tool weight that will help you to ensure the rule of the enter of gravity. Also, it will prevent the box from tipping over when you open your drawers

Make an alternative plan:

You should have an alternative action plan. If you have that plan then it would be one of the best ways to organize tool chest. You able to make spotless and can restore them whenever you finish your shift every day.

It is one of the best ideas to use magnetic trays at your work site and keep your smaller tools including sockets and fastener to minimize the risk of losing them. Also sometimes it may roll down and you do not find them in your buy moment.

Also, use magnetic- backed hooks so that you can drape wrenches on it.

You can use long magnetic strips on the wall so it will ensure your easy access to the tools that you want to finish your job.

You have to follow some basic rules for your tools organization. You just need to organize tools that are handy, proper placed and marked with numeric numbers and maintain an inventory system so you know what you have or what your need to buy.

If you follow the summarize tool box organizer ideas you could organize your tool best way and makes your repair work simple and more productive:

  • First, take away all tools put them in a line
  • Calculate your tools and rank them according to your frequency of using them.
  • Clean the tool chest with a dry cloth and all the tools as well.
  • Keep the tool in the top drawer if you use them regularly.
  • Put the tools that you are not using frequently in your lower drawers.
  • Organize them in the tool tray and put the tray back into the tool chest.              

Buy separate trays for assorted stuff:

If you have tiny bits and pieces of tools and requires very little storage including sockets, screws, nails and so on. These items are handy and you need to use them more frequently compared to other heavy tools.

So, you can buy few additional trays to put them on and use them whenever you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I do if my tools are broken or damaged?

First, you need to identify which tools damaged or broken then take them apart and remove from your tool chest to make more space. Finally, either you leave them in the garage or dispose of them immediately.

Can pegboards be used for both wall control and for hand tools in the garage?

I would say yes! Because pegboards are really versatile and attractive. You can use wall control for laundry rooms, playrooms, kitchens, swing rooms, offices and retail store etc and also you can use for your hand tools on the garage wall.

Are magnetic trays helpful for keeping sockets?

Yes of course! It is helpful for sockets because it is tiny tools any time may roll over from trays. So, it is best to keep them in the magnetic trays.

Ideas about Tool Storage – Organizing your tool boxes


As I told you earlier that, you may buy most valuable and useful tools but you must know how to organize a tool box.

It will ensure the best way to organize tool chest otherwise you will lose your patience to search your particular tools for a particular time.

If you need to maintain a balance between your working procedures and discipline way of your tools organization is a must to gain overall productivity for your repair work.

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  • Braden Bills Aug 15, 2017 @ 14:38

    It makes sense that you would want to keep your tools organized. Otherwise any kind of mechanic work could take significantly longer! I agree that getting a tool chest is a good idea, since they make organization easy.

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