How to properly wear a tool belt – A Step by Step Guide

Tool BeltDo you need to buy tool belt? To choose the best one is not so hard if you are selecting from a range of options. Just spend some dollar according to your budget and later you will receive boxes to your doorstep.

Of course, to buy a tool belt is not a that much difficult task but you must know how to properly wear a tool belt I guess it is a bit more challenging to place your tools according to your requirement.

You can relax if you have proper guidelines for using your tool belt for best practice then you easily organize your tools in your belt.

I try to bring all the important issues the toughest, meanest and dirtiest jobs you are going to perform. You clearly understand if you read my article.

What means to me to choose the best belt

Simple answer the best tool belt means to me is it must be multi useable and give me a flexible working condition.  Because, I am doing residential construction, I have to be farming one-day installing bathroom cabinets and do some molding next.

I always load up my tool belt according to my daily task plan at hand. Sometimes I place some permanent tools reside permanently in my tool belts.

So, from my point of view, the best tool belt is one that holds each tool you need in it means if the tool best has more pockets is the best match for your criteria.

Think wise to buy your tool belt

I am honesty bit bumpy on my tool belts. Because many times I usually fail to fit most of my tool in my tool belt. If you have big utility knives and great sharp chisel you need to have a big pocket to fit them.

You need to customize your knife and chisel pockets with pieces of cut plastic bottles to minimize the damage to the bottom part. Don’t thumbs up it properly works.

Quality matters

One of the most important factors to select your tool belt is the ultimate instruments your want to hold. Of course, you must consider the durability because tools use depends on the profession that you are doing.

You have to look for materials that a particular belt is made. The leather is one of the reliable options and long lasting as well.

Suspender also very important as considered one of the quality options to choose. It will help you to hold the belt without abusing your back.

Now, I am going to demonstrate the step by step process of using your tool belt most efficiently:

Step1: Buy belt with multi pockets:

hand tools to use for tool belts

Photo by National Museum of American History/ CC BY

If you want to organize different sizes screws and nails you probably need a belt that has lots of pockets. Just place hammer sphere on your right-hand side. Also, make sure you have many pockets on your dominant hand side to reach your tools easily.

Step 2: Put main tools for leading hand

Keep most primary tools on the hand side that are dominating to perform your tasks. You can keep a general claw hammer that controls maximum nail-driving power. Also, you can place carpenter’s pencils, chalk liner, and slip joint pliers. A utility knife is an essential tool for cutting drywall to roofing work and also you can make straight or curved because it has extra blades.

Step 3: Keep optional tools for assistant hand

You have to store the tools that are not frequently used in your helper’s hand. You can store just opposite side of your tool belt. You can keep nail sets, a cold chisel for doing plaster and concrete work and paying staff. Fasteners are also best accepted in the secondary hand. Also, you able place tandem with pencils for drawing saw cutting lines and another kind of lumber layouts.

Step 4: Overturn the belt ensures maximum hustle and console

If you can twist your pockets to the rear permits you to bend more quickly and comfortably while you are doing wall framing.

It is really helpful if you are working for a long time and able to turn the belt around either rearranging your fasteners and hand tool or making guess of new locations.

Step 5: Freehand ladders climbing:

You just keep the entire essential tool item while climbing so you’re both hands are free to hold the ladder.

You can place your drill in your drill careers when you working either by using or off ladders.

Step 6: Keep your back pain free

You can use suspenders so that it will reorganize the overall weight of your tools and fasteners. You need to buy tool pouches with a padded belt so it can be rigged with or without harness style suspenders.

You can avoid injuries or other damage if you comply with proper techniques for lifting and carrying plywood and other types of heavy materials.

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Community FAQ:

Which hand tools to use for tool belts?

Which hand tools to use for tool beltsI advise you to start with most essentials. You have to start with the tools that you may need to work for any kind of repair, design or fix project. Your handy tool belts can conceive a hammer, screwdriver, wrench and pliers.

You also keep a measuring tape and pencils or chalk line and include a Philip and flat head screwdriver for your smooth work.

How to organize my tools into the tool belt more efficiently?

Think wisely if you place your tool on the wrong side it will increase your lead time. It is also inconvenient that you have reached across your body.

So you have to keep your tools categories of dominant and assistant hand.  And make sure your tool belt has deep pockets so that it will ensure not to fall out during your bending or leaning working condition.

What can I keep in the tool belts?

You must buy a tool belt that able to keep most common tools you may need to fix or repair work. Also, look for plenty of storage facility and have the ability to carry the weight of all tools including a suspender with it.

In addition to that, A tool belts that you are looking for must have plenty of idle space so you can put some permanent tools on it including leveling tools and wrenches.

Final verdict:

These are the few suggestions of how to use properly a tool belt and there could be plenty of options available for you. You just need to use your common sense to organize your tool based on importance and their uses into your tool belts.

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  • Stephen Ryan Nov 24, 2021 @ 3:45

    A well-organized bag makes it easier to carry and to perform, especially in urgent situations. So, there are the most helpful tips on How to wear a tool belt properly. First step: choose a suitable tool belt. Second step: organize your tools with these helpful tips: pack essential tools according to your dominant hand, pack large tools in the other large-sized pouch, and put the same kinds of tools in separate spaces. And the last step: wear the tool belt in the right way.

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