How to Use Rotary Tool – A Complete Beginners Guide

The rotary tool is perfect for cutting.If you need the handheld tool for your sanding, polishing, carving, cutting and many more, probably you need a rotary tool. Just you have to uncover which exact tool you need to use to get your job done.

After reading my article on how to use a rotary tool? I hope you will have better knowledge about using the tool and will be able to answer the question. “I want to do sanding and cutting job but I do not know the overall operational instructions to use a rotary tool, what should I consider?”

I will start with a brief product description for your general understanding about the tool and then I will discuss the operational procedures.

In the final part, I will give you information about how you keep clean and do routine maintenance to keep working on your tool.

So, Stay tuned and keep reading!!

One question may arise in your mind what exactly is a rotary tool does? The Rotary Tool is particularly designed for the high level of mechanical engineers because they can carefully handle the great drill want to burr to the machine by using appropriate dies and molds.

The rational speed from 12000-20000 u/min represents extremely high speed and the stress and wear depend on the following factors:

  1. Uniformity of the material.
  2. The overall thickness of the material.
  3. The geometry of the blade.
  4. Common operation.

Know the Fundamentals:

4000 2-30 High Performance Rotary Tool

Photo By Dremel

Many workers as property managers, carpenters, contractual workers, homeowners, hobbyist, and builders can use a variety of tasks including sharpening, honing, finishing, pounding, wood and other hard surfaces.

When you use quick, speedy and significant torque make rotary tools more efficient that ensures a proper control while performing your tasks.

It is versatile, compact sizes, high speed comes with a different attachment for various tasks. It is replaced large bulky power tools.

If you want to work for sanding and carving levels you can use attached sanding drums. You have to use medium speed while you are using your sanding drum.

Again, if you want an extra shine on metal surfaces, you can use buffing/polishing bits that come along with your rotary tool. You should use little wax or polish to the bit and operate the tool for a medium speed to get most efficient output.

If you want to perform work for etching or carving you need to use carbide bits and

Carbide bits are used for etching or carving and you need wire wheels for removing rust from metal but make sure you have to operate a rotary tool at a high speed.

For sharpening work including knives, scissors, shears, and much more metal set the Dremel rotary tool at high speed.

Because Dremel is considered the best rotary tool compared to any other brands available on the internet.

You have to be careful to maintain a reasonable distance with your tool because during your sharpening work progress sparks have general tendency to fly. Sometimes it may cause a fire or other injuries.

You need to use some kind of liquid as oil is fine while you are using medium speed to cut through small pieces of metal so that it helps you to minimize heat level.

Safety Regulations:

It is really an important issue when you are dealing with your rotary tools. If you do not have knowledge of users or very reluctant to maintain an appropriate safety standard then it may cause injury or severe damage to your tool.

You need to follow the owner’s manual to comply highest level of safety are listed in the specific sections available listed guidelines of your user manual.

Planned use:

When you use your rotary tools by following for its intended purpose then you can have maximum safe operation guaranteed by manufacturers. Because it has prescribed operation tips on what types of materials you can cut, sanding, polishing, or sharpening.

Unacceptable use:

If you do not comply the advice or instructions including using of inappropriate blades, not cleaning the tools on a regular basis, structural alteration and do not follow any maintenance instructions could cause breakdown of your blades and other severe injuries.

Personal protection and equipment:

When you operate your machine you have to maintain your personal protection. It may include wearing tight-fitting clothing and wear safety goggles and protective gloves where a high risk of injuries.

You have to use your personal protection where injury possibility of:

  • Burns
  • Sharp or pointed objects
  • Ear protection if the pressure level above 85 dB(A)

SO, it is your responsibility to wear required personal protective equipment, make replacement of damaged and unusable parts of the protective kit at your suitable time.

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Safety signs:

There are various safety signs included with the rotary machine. You need to check all the signs on a regular basis, and failure to address this signs and their warnings could cause severe injury.

Operational instructions:

You have to follow clear operational instructions because the blades of the rotary tools are extremely sharp. If you do not follow instruction, it may cause a severe cut.

Inserting/replacing the blades:

You need to follow the following instruction while replacing blades of your rotary tool:

  • Loosen the clamp screw
  • Need to take away the protective cover
  • Make drive shaft in right place by using an Allen key.
  • Cautiously eradicate the circular blade from the drive
  • Put new blade on the shaft
  • Make tighten the nuts powerfully.
  • Refit the protective cover.

Preparing the tool:

  • Attach the positioning spindle with the right intended hole.
  • Make tighter the screws.

Inserting and removing the tool:


  • Stir the module to the inferior right-hand
  • Apply stop switch to make sure stopped status
  • Put in the selected tool to the holder and ensure that the red point on the module is placed on top of the module lock.
  • Rotate the tool in a clockwise path until it connects with the pointing spindle.
  • Make the connection of the tool to the connector socket.

Eliminating the tool:

  • Shift the module to the below right-side corner.
  • Make sure it is in stopped status.
  • Push the module lock and discharge the bayonet grasp.
  • Use the anticlockwise technique to release from positioning spindle.
  • Get the tool from module lock and put it in the tool holder.

Here are some practical applications of your Rotary tool so that you can have a better understanding of using your tool.


The rotary tool is perfect for cutting drywall or various thickness woods. Using a Dremel to cut wood is very simple and ensures hassle free working experience.

You just need to switch to a bigger tool if you need to cut any wall or wood that is more than a half-inch thick.

I suggest you if you want straight cut in drywall or wood use a special square bit cutting kit necessary that is included with your Rotary tool box.



If you want small scale decorative designs on your table, frames or anything else that made of wood you need to go for carving project. You may find a lot of small scales carving projects already available so you can practice them.

A flex shaft attachment makes your project handier and it is perfect even in small hand to hold a full sized rotary tool.

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You can do sanding work on furniture, molding or metal pieces on a small scale. It is not easy to accomplish your tasks and risky. So it is advisable to you does practicing on waste wood first by using a light touch.

Elimination of grout:

You can use this tool to remove grout every corner of your house. To remove grout is one of the essential features that Rotary tools have.

I would like you to practice first before you involve practical work otherwise there is a risk of damage the tile if your hand slips.


It is very useful tool to sharpen knives and other tools. You can use to crush down several sharp spots on some kind of metal roofing.


A small wire brush is helpful for your cleaning tasks and you can use this for polishing jewelry, silver and much more.

I do not suggest you involve cleaning of your necklace with any kind of rotary tool because it may wrap around the shaft and can make a disaster.

Manage moldings:

You can use this tool quite efficiently deal with baseboard and crown molding. You can use a versatile cutting bit to shave wood off at your desired angle but you need to do plenty of practice.

Because it is not easy tasks by using handheld coping saw.

Cleaning and maintenance:

When you involve your cleaning and maintenance work makes sure the tool disconnects from the power supply.

You have to follow the following steps:



  • Do not clean the tool applying ultrasound, a stream jet, and compressed air
  • Do not use cleaning products like cleaning spray, grease solvents etc.


  • Loosen the screws
  • Take away the protective cover
  • Remove the blade if necessary.
  • Clean the blade holder using a dry cloth.


The maintenance work is provided just for guideline however you can do your maintenance work at least daily even hourly according to your requirement.

  • Search the tool dirt and clean them whenever necessary.
  • Check the circular blade to find out any damage and put back it if required.
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How to Use a Dremel Rotary Tool

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Final Verdict:

These are some of the comprehensive ideas that you can able to do with your rotary tool and you can do lot more if you want to.

You can follow my step by step guidelines really helpful to transform your expertise into next if you follow these steps you have great knowledge of how to use a rotary tool tremendously important for you as a beginner.

This article provides you some ideas about you can use this tool like this for many different purposes.

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