Proxxon 38481 Professional Rotary Tool Review – Must Read Before Purchase!

Are Proxxon tools any good? Yes, of course, but I must say that setting realistic expectations is a must so that you can get the best benefits from its use. Here’s my own Proxxon 38481 professional rotary tool review, which will be useful in your decision to buy the product and to use it properly.

But where are Proxxon tools made, you ask? Proxxon is a manufacturer of wide range of power tools with its manufacturing facilities in Föhren, a small town in Germany. Its power tools are divided into two categories, namely, suitable for hobby applications and professional tasks.

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Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for professional applications including heavy-duty polishing, cleaning, grinding, engraving, and cutting due to the industrial-quality attachments
  • Robust motor with variable speeds allow for both rough and detailed jobs
  • High-revving motor with a full-wave speed control
  • Range of bits, cutters and collets organized in a blow-molded storage case


The Proxxon 38481 professional rotary tool is among the professional-use power tools in the German company’s lines with the following notable features.

Variable speed motor

The variable speeds range from 5,000 to 20,000 revolutions per minute (rpm), thus, allowing for better precision when performing various tasks. You can use the rotary tool for extended periods without worrying about overheating, too. You should adjust the speed depending on the type of work – high speeds for grinding and milling tasks, low speeds for cutting and brushing jobs. The combination of high torque and low speeds make it a must for most hobby and professionals application.

Quiet operation with minimal vibrations

The 1/8 horsepower may not sound like much but it’s still robust enough for professional applications. Plus, it has the right balance between maximum power and minimum vibration and noise, a plus point in my book. You can use the tool on almost any surface and achieve intricate details, thanks to the high stability quality.

In a comparison of Proxxon rotary tool vs. Dremel, the latter is far noisier than the former. The Dremel is relatively loud in operation that it sounds like it’s on a self-destruct mode. So, in a  Proxxon 38481 vs. Dremel 4000  battle, I’d choose the former for its superior performance.

Wide range of attachments

The Proxxon rotary tool accessories included in the package means that it can be used right out of the box. The power tool comes with 34 industrial-quality cutters and bits including six triple-slit collets. You can use it for several tasks including etching, carving and engraving on wood and even metal.

Fast and easy accessory changes

The rotary tool’s 34 cutters and bits can be quickly and easily changed with the lock-button feature.  This is a must in jobs that require fast actions from one task to the next or in projects that demand quick results. The ball-bearing spindle, which is made of high-quality ground steel, also adds to this fast-change feature.

Great bearings

The bearings are significantly tighter and smoother in comparison with competing brands, such as Dremel. These are complemented by the diet-cast aluminum head, which increases overall stability and precise bearing seats.


[su_row] [su_column size=”1/2″][su_box title=”What I Like” radius=”0″ class=”pros”][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#7bc542″]
  • Light weight and compact dimensions yet provides a solid feel when handled
  • Quiet operation (i.e., a humming sound) with little vibration necessary for detailed work
  • Cord has sufficient length for most tasks although an extension cord may be needed
  • Good selection of cutters, collets and bits
  • High torque due to chuck key design
  • Compatible with accessories from other manufacturers
[/su_list][/su_box][/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″][su_box title=”What I Didn’t Like” radius=”0″ class=”cons”][su_list icon=”icon: exclamation-triangle” icon_color=”#e60e0e”]
  • Relatively expensive but its durability and functionality makes it worth its price
  • Controls for speed and power are at its back so making adjustments with just one hand can be problematic
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does it have a keyless chuck?

No. But you can use the multiple-sized collets.

Will a transformer be required for its use?

No, if you’re in the United States.

In a Proxxon 38481 vs. 38472, which is the better choice?

It depends but both are high-performance tools so either one will be a good choice. This is also true in a Proxxon IB/E vs. IBS/E comparison.

Final Verdict

My Proxxon 38481 professional rotary tool review is based on my personal experiences with the product, as well as on consumer reviews. I highly recommend it for hobby and professional uses because of its quiet operation, superior performance, and variety of applicable jobs with the included accessories. I recommend buying other accessories, if you want, but this is a great product in itself.

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  • Wilbert Wasserman Mar 2, 2018 @ 0:47

    Carrying out my professional duties such as heavy-duty polishing, cleaning, engraving, grinding and cutting various materials has never been easier than when I started using this rotary tool. Its robust motor is of high quality and provides me with an option of adjusting the speed to suit the task I am carrying out.

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