Stanley Black Chrome Socket Set Review 92-839, 99-Piece

If you’re still not sure if the Stanley 92-839 black chrome and laser etched socket set, 99-piece is what you need, perhaps the info here can help.
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Highlighted Features

  • The Stanley tools socket set comes with ¼ and 3/8” sockets.
  • All the sockets are made of high-quality materials and built for long term use.
  • The set is complete with all the most commonly used drives and ratchets.
  • There is 15% more torque as required by other applications.

The Sockets Have a Quality Finish

This Stanley socket set all have a black chrome finish, giving each one a shiny look. This also makes each one more resistant to corrosion.

It is well known that sockets get corroded over time, reducing the lifespan. With this you’re assured of getting quality results over a long period.

Maxi-Drive Design for Superior Torque

The Stanley deep socket set sport the Maxi-Design that is common in many Stanley sockets. It is this design that provides each socket with more torque necessary for tight fasteners.

This socket offers 15% more torque than regular sockets, so you get superior performance each time out.

Durable Carry Case Provided

The Stanley impact socket set comes with a well-designed carry case like the TEKTON 4888 Impact Socket Set.8 The case is solidly built, and the interior has compartments for all the sockets and ratchets.

Unlike other socket sets, you don’t have to keep rearranging the items inside, and that’s a relief for a lot of users. With other sockets that don’t have a case, here you don’t need to buy any as it is already provided for.

Lots of Sockets

This Stanley socket and wrench set comes with 99 pieces including a 1/4” pear head ratchet arm and 39 3/8” socket drives. All the pieces meet the ANSI standards for quality, so each socket, wrench and ratchet will last.

If your old socket set doesn’t have enough pieces, this set is for you. The 99 pieces may seem like overkill, but it is actually better to have more sockets than you think you will ever need.

The sockets cover the most popular sizes, and this makes all the difference. If you need the most common sizes, they are here, and if you need other specs, they are included in the case as well.

Highly Visible Markings

The Stanley professional-grade socket set has visible markings so you can quickly identify the sockets. With 99 pieces, it would be difficult to sort this out without these markings.

The combination of the markings as well as the carry case means it is easier than ever to find the right socket. With a quick look you can pick out the sockets you want to use.

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  • Sockets are well marked
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Items are well organized in the case
  • Quality black chrome finish
  • Ratchets and wrenches are well made
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  • The deep sockets do not fit snugly in the case
  • Cannot be used with impact sockets
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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are the combo wrenches?

7/16 / 12 mm, 1/2/13 mm, 9/16 /14 mm, ¾/ 19 mm and 11/16 /16 mm.

Does the set come with a 15/16″ deep socket?

That particular size is not included in this set.

Are all the sockets 6 point?

Yes, and they are all high quality.

Are the markings for the socket sizes going to fade?

No, regular use of the sockets won’t fade.

Can I use these with impact wrenches?

No, as these are regular sockets. Doing so will damage the sockets.


Final Verdict

The bottom line is the Stanley is a good set. Compared to other sockets, the Stanley is comprehensive, plus they’re made of high quality materials. This isn’t something you can say for other sockets.

This Stanley black chrome socket set review can say without reservation that this is the product for users who don’t want to compromise. If you want a quality socket set, the Stanley will satisfy your requirements.
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  • Ralph McDaniel Mar 10, 2018 @ 8:44

    I can proudly recommend any of my friends to sample out this rotary tool having seen its outstanding benefits and great features. One of them is the highly visible markings on the sockets making it easy to identify while sorting. The sockets come in large numbers thus giving you a great choice and enabling you accomplishes several tasks.

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