10 Cool Things to Do With a Dremel Tool

A Dremel tool comes in handy with some other accessories that can be used for different tasks. The Rotary kit contains tools which can be used for grinding, sharpening, cutting, drilling and polishing to mention but a few.

Likewise, the Dremel tool can be used to accomplish several tasks.

The great benefit of a Dremel tool is the DIY feature which allows you to carry out tasks all by yourself.

You can use the Dremel tool on wood, plastic, glass, metals and even electronics. I have covered some 10 cool things you can do with the Dremel tool.

Project 1: Cutting small cuts on objects

The Dremel tool is very effective when it comes to getting you small cuts; be they from wood, metals or any other materials.

This is owing to the fact that you can easily hold it with your hands and move it along the line of the cut.

In case you need small cuts which are perfectly done without relying on a saw, then Dremel tool is the perfect option for you.


Project 2: Cutting objects at a regulated speed

The Dremel tool allows you to regulate the speed at which you are doing your cuts. This ensures that you do not have irregular cuts due to the high speed of the tool.

To make it even more user-friendly, the Dremel tool comes with a manual that tells you the recommended speed when cutting different materials.

This regulated speed makes you produce well-finished cuts with the desired edges. The sound of the motor is crucial in guiding you as far as speed is concerned during the use of the gadget.

Project 3: Cutting plastic

Getting a perfect cut from a plastic material is really challenging at the workshop but not when using the Dremel tool.

All you need to do is set the right speed for the Dremel tool; mostly between 4 and 8 and you are good to go.

The Dremel tool will smoothly cut the plastic material into the desired cuts with ease. It is important to always have your protective gear on so as not to damage your eyes or ears.

Do not also use massive pressure on the Dremel tool as this may lead to its damage.

Project 4: Metal cutting

Before the acquisition of a Dremel tool, metal cutting in my workshop was quite a tiresome and hectic task. Not anymore now.

The Dremel tool allows you to get a good cut from a metallic material easily and faster. All you need is hold the Dremel tool in your hands, put on the ears and eyes protection, adjusts the Dremel speed to around 8 and 10 and you are good to go.

The Dremel tool you use for cutting metals should be reinforced with fiber materials to make them more durable. With Dremel tool, metal cutting becomes as smooth as wood cutting.

Project 5: Grinding

Dremel tool is so effective in grinding that it produces finely ground end products. This is made possible by the grinding stone that is always attached to the Dremel tool.

Once attached, you are required to turn on your Dremel tool and hold the grinding stone against the material to be ground.

This should be done gently and at a low setting in a way that the material being ground doesn’t overheat.

Project 6: Sharpening

In the event that you need to sharpen another tool and do it well, then you need the Dremel tool.

You will need to hold the material to be sharpened with your left hand, attach the sharpening tool to the head of the Dremel tool, put on your protective gear, and then hold the Dremel tool against the tool to be sharpened at a low setting.

Gently move the Dremel tool against the tool to be sharpened along the surface that needs sharpening.

The speed of the Dremel should be moderate between 4 and 8. The pressure you apply on the Dremel tool should be moderate too.

Project 7: Sanding

With the Dremel tool at your disposal, sanding becomes a very easy task. The products you are working on also become finely finished when sanding is done with the aid of the Dremel tool. You need to attach the sanding paper to the head of the Dremel tool.

Once you are sure the sandpaper is firmly held by the screw at the Dremel tool head, then turn on the Dremel tool with its speed ranging between 2 and 10.

This should be done at a low setting when dealing with plastic related products and a higher setting for metal products. Ensure the sanding paper is in contact with the material being sand as you move the Dremel tool.

Project 8: Polishing

The Dremel tool provides the best solution when you need metal or plastic material polishing.

All you need to do is apply the polishing component on the material surface then fit your Dremel tool with a polishing wheel. Start your gadget and ensure the speed is at 2.

Avoid high speed as this might end up causing even polishing.

Project 9: Shaping

With the presence of the Dremel tool, the shape of your products should never be a bother. The Dremel tool allows you to shape products to their desired shapes after the product has been finished in its making.

All you need is fit the cutting disk onto the head of the Dremel tool then turn on the gadget. Cut out the edges of the product that you deem unwanted and come up with the perfect shape.

Project 10: Buffing wood

Wood products especially furniture will always catch the eyes of the client when they have that fine smooth finishing. This is where a Dremel tool comes in. You will require having a smoothening compound applied onto the wood then using the smoothening bit fixed on the Dremel tool give your wood products the desired finish.

Final Words

Working in a workshop requires you to have the right tools to help you work on your products quickly, precisely and to the required standards. For this, you need to identify various tools that can aid you in accomplishing all these.

The Dremel tool is such an important tool as it can be put into more than one use. This makes it very economical to have it in your workshop. You like to check out the Top 6 Easiest Dremel Tool Projects for Beginners too.

All you need is to take good care of the tool by proper cleaning after use to make it durable. Your safety too should be of priority when using a Dremel tool so ensure you put on the protective gear.

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  • Barb Nov 12, 2020 @ 21:39

    I just got my first Dremel tool, So yes I am a beginner. Any info I get on my new tool, I greatly appreciate. Thanks your info is both direct and to the point , That will be most helpful when I start using my Dremel tool.

  • Chris Cudlipp Jul 8, 2021 @ 6:07

    shouldn’t have bought with out a head lamp on, u gotta be in the Dremel zone, try 4 nights awake then u can grind or polish knobs wide .. faasho
    joey f maui gangster

  • Russ Lefler Jan 5, 2022 @ 16:02

    I’m looking for replacement bits for my dremel tool that I use to engrave my name on my wood products. I need the fine tipped version and can’t find them being sold individually anywhere. I don’t need the entire pack of tips, I have two, but I really need the fine tipped version to keep the engravings from being more than a fine-tipped-marker-thick?

    • Silvia Jul 19, 2022 @ 19:16

      Falls du die Lösung inzwischen immer noch nicht haben solltest, kann ich dir nur empfehlen die benötigten Aufsätze z.b bei Amazon (als nicht original Dremel-Tool) zu bestellen.

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