How To Use Dremel Router Bits – Step by Step Guide

[image_align align=”right”]Dremel 692 6-Piece Router Bit Set[/image_align]If you are using hard materials such as wood or ceramic either in the line of business or it’s just something you do for fun; call it a hobby then at some point you have to design them into specific shapes.

This could be quite a difficult task, especially if you have no clue on how to go about or what tools to use. If this is what is eating up your mind then worry less, Dremel router bits does it perfectly for you.

It is thus important to gain knowledge on how the Dremel works.

Dremels work with different kinds of attachments; router bits, in doing its work on a material. One of the tasks the router bits do that I will be focusing on is the routing job.

In this article I am going to show you; first how to use Dremel router bits; if you don’t know how to use it, how can you work with it? Then I will guide you on its selection process and finally step by step guide on using Dremel router bits.

How to use Dremel router bits

Before commencing your routing job it is important to understand that the bits work differently when performing a task. I strongly advise you to exercise with different types of bits first so that you can be able to classify them by job performance.

You should note that using the tool for a purpose other than its defined task can result in damages to either the material you are working on or the tool itself.

Dremel router bits selection process

Dremel outer bits selection process is quite simple; it basically involves selecting a Dremel router bit that specifically suits your intended job.

Remember that there are plenty of Dremel router bits tools in the market and each is designed for different purposes. Always choose the best for comfortability when working.

You might want to consider your choice of Dremel tool itself since they vary in terms of their speed. This is because the Dremel tool and the router bits work together which affects the output in any way.

However, greater features attract higher prices and you should only pick one that you are comfortable with.

Procedure for using Dremel router bits

Step 1: Inserting bits

Holding the router bits in one hand and the Dremel tool on the other hand, gently insert the Dremel router bit into a hole which is located at the top of the Dremel tool; this is common to all rotary tools.

Once you have inserted it, make sure that it is correctly fixed and can spin with ease.

Step 2: Adjusting the Spinning speed

After inserting the Dremel router bit into the dremel, adjust the spinning speed by moving the adjustment switch until you arrive at a speed you feel comfortable to use.

Step 3: Powering of the tool

Carefully read the instructions that come with the Dremel tool package and make sure you fully understand them. Ensure the power source has the right voltage. If it is, switch on the power button.

Step 4: holding the Dremel tool

Hold the Dremel tool firmly and make sure it does not come close to your body when using it.

Step 5: powering on the tool

When you are done using the Dremel tool, carefully power it off first before touching the Dremel router bit.

Step 6: Cleaning the tool

Carefully remove the Dremel router bit and performed the necessary cleaning such as dusting it.

Step 7: storage

After you are done with everything, move the tools and place them in a secure place.


As they say, practice makes perfect, now that you have mastered to use the Dremel router bit, you need to keep practicing starting with light materials as you graduate gradually to the hard ones.

Always remember to maintain the Dremel router bit in good condition so that they can work perfectly and avoid pushing them to limits not designed to work in.

It is also worth noting that personal safety is the most important precaution to undertake. Always be in safe clothing that doesn’t expose your body to any danger like skin burns.

Before using any tool make sure that you read and understand the instructions that come with it perfectly. This is because all Dremel router bit tools are designed to work with certain conditions.

I hope this article has played an important role in introducing you to using the Dremel router bit to perform the task ahead of you.  As you explore this part of your life, always remember that practice is the key to mastering good skills.

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  • IAN Aug 28, 2020 @ 5:30

    All instructions listed are applicable to any rotary tool not just Dremel.
    There seems the be somewhat vague information on specifics such as speed that a router bit should spin at. Pine vs walnut vs plywood or ceramics speeds would need a more specific value other than the “After inserting the Dremel router bit into the dremel, adjust the spinning speed by moving the adjustment switch until you arrive at a speed you feel comfortable to use.” A comfortable speed may be too slow or fast depending on material! This tells the user nothing on the numbers that Dremel tools can be adjusted from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM but nothing specific.

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