Wen 2305 vs 2307 Rotary Tools Comparison – Wen Rotary Tool Review

WEN 2307 Variable Speed Rotary Tool KitAre you having trouble deciding which Wen rotary tool to use, the Wen 2305 vs 2307? You are not the only one as many hobbyists and DIYers can’t decide which is better.

Both have followers and have several features that make them stand out. But which one is better and offers more value for your money?

I decided to tackle this issue by doing a detailed comparison. I know that some are under the impression the two are the same. However that isn’t the case as I will show here.

Yes they share some common features, but there are significant differences as well. Let us take a look at these features.

Wen 2305 vs 2307 Rotary Tools Comparison Table

Feature Wen 2305 Wen 2307
Cordless Variant Yes Yes
Variable Speed 8000-30000 RPM 8000-30000 RPM
Onboard Spindle Lock Yes Yes
Flex Shaft Yes No
Number of Accessories 100 100
Dremel Bit Compatible Yes Yes
Specialty Grinding, cutting, deburring, drilling, shaping, polishing, sanding Grinding, cutting, deburring, drilling, shaping
Weight 3.2 lbs 3.5 lbs
Product Dimensions 7×11.5×3.8 inches 7×11.5 x 3.8 inches
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
High-Speed Cutters Yes Yes
Carry Case Yes No
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

Wen 2305 vs 2307 Rotary Tool Reviews

[p_box] [p_title] 1. WEN 2305 Rotary Tool Kit with Flex Shaft[/p_title] [p_content] [image_align align=”left”]WEN 2305 Rotary Tool Kit with Flex Shaft[/image_align]

This Wen 2305 vs 2307 review can say that the 2305 has many features that set it apart from the usual rotary tool. With its variable speed, you’ll be able to use this to grind, cut, polish, sand and engrave.

The 2305 can be used for an assortment of projects and materials including glass, plastic steel and wood. It has a 1-year warranty and a detailed manual to help you make the most out of this tool.

The 2305 has a bit changing spanner wrench and a flex shaft, plus several collets and drill bits. Mandrels, a drum sander and sander bands are included among its many tools. By using these accessories you’ll be able to perform a wide range of tasks with the 2305.

[su_box title=”Special Features” radius=”0″ class=”pros hf”][su_list icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#329d40″]
  • The 2305 comes with a flex shaft for greater precision and adding intricate details.
  • There is an onboard spindle lock that allows you to change bits quickly.
  • The accessory set includes 100 pieces for sanding, cutting polishing and other tasks.
  • The carry case makes it easy to store and organize your stuff.
  • The Wen 2305 has a variable speed good for up to 30,000 RPM.
[/su_list][/su_box] [su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/IW96CX7Grjw” controls=”no” rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes” https=”yes”] [p_btn url=”http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003BYRFH8″] [/p_content] [/p_box] [p_box] [p_title] 2. WEN 2307 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit with 100-Piece Accessorie[/p_title] [p_content] [image_align align=”right”]WEN 2307 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit with 100-Piece Accessories[/image_align] This Wen rotary tool review can point out the 2037 is a well made product that you to do number of DIY projects. With the 2307 you’ll be able to cut, grind, engrave and drill different types of materials.

The variable speed of the 2307 makes it easy to use, and it has been designed to minimize vibration. It also takes in Dremel bits so compatibility won’t be a problem.

While the 207 is powerful, it remains easy to use and it is suitable for anyone who wants to do serious work with a rotary tool.

[su_box title=”Special Features” radius=”0″ class=”pros hf”][su_list icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#329d40″]
  • Like the 2305, the 2307 has about a hundred accessories including bits, mandrels, pads and discs.
  • The 2307 has a variable speed motor that allows you to use it for a wide variety of tasks.
  • The 2037 has a spindle lock that lets you change bits rapidly, essential when working on a complex project.
  • The 2037 rotary tool is built for long term use, and it is also suitable for cutting, grinding, drilling and shaping.
  • It has a simple knob that you can adjust to fine tune your work.
[/su_list][/su_box] [su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/A2ZQRlK9hnc” controls=”no” rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes” https=”yes”] [p_btn url=”http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003BYRFH8″] [/p_content] [/p_box]


Feature Comparison Wen 2307 vs Wen 2305

WEN 2305 Rotary Tool Kit with Flex ShaftThe 2305 and the 2307 share many features as the reviews above indicate, but there are differences I need to point out, namely the 2305 has a carry case and a flex shaft.

The carry case may not seem like a big deal, and if you use the rotary tool occasionally you may do without it. But if you use the tool regularly and take it on the road, the carry case becomes indispensable.

Then there’s the flex shaft: with the 2307 you need to manually hold the tool. Since the 2305 has the flex shaft you’ll no longer need to grab the tool. Just hook up the bit you want to use onto the shaft’s end.

Once it’s attached, you’ll be able to use the 2305 with limited vibration and maximum precision. Vibration is critical and can make or break a project, so the flex shaft comes in handy if you’re working on delicate projects or working in tight locations. So the 2305 has the edge here.

Both rotary tools are versatile and can be used for deburring, grinding, cutting, and drilling. However, the 2305 is better at sanding and polishing. It is also more efficient in creating intricate, complex designs from plastic, steel and glass. It’s not like you can’t do this with the 2307: you can, but it takes more time.

As for the other features, the 2305 and the 2307 are not that far off. Both have variable speed up to 30000 RPM. Both also have adjustment knobs for fine tuning your work.

Both also come with 100 accessories, more than enough to handle most tasks. While both have similar tools, the 2305 does have the edge with the carry case as it lets you organize your stuff.

Final Verdict

So which is better, the 2305 or the 2307? Well, it really depends on your needs, so for some, it may be the 2305 and for others, it will be the 2307.

The biggest differences between them is the 2305 rotary tool has a carry case and a flex shaft, and the 2305 is also better at sanding and other rotary applications that demand minimal vibration.

Bottom line: if you want the convenience of a carry case and the flex shaft, the 2305 rotary tool is for you. But if you prefer to use the tool without the flex shaft, then the 2307 will do.


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  • Andrew Mayfield Feb 9, 2018 @ 9:24

    Hi. Thanks for the review. I think the 2305 can do better polishing and sanding than the 2307. I also like the fact that I just have to attach staff am making or polishing to the shaft and I won’t have to worry about my hands getting sore. Nice reviews. I like. You said it all right there.

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