How To Polish With Dremel Polishing Kit

Hobbyists, model makers, and many other DIY experts would like to do polishing, cutting, cleaning of parts of work using a rotary tool that comes with convenience.

Thanks to modern Dremel kits, an excellent finish for remarkable results is just a step away for a fervent when doing the polishing.

Are you intending to do polishing of metals, glass, stone, brass, stainless steel, aluminum or any other materials? You will undoubtedly need the right combination of tools for a perfect job.

Additionally, polishing could take different forms and styles depending on what kind of application is at hand.

This is why it is important to ensure you have your rotary tool kit ready to avoid wasting time. This will also enable you have smooth polishing too.

I take you through a quick research on polishing aluminum and glass. You can do polishing on so many other materials as well.

What to consider before polishing with your Dremel kit

Could you be looking forward to removing scratches to your material? Are you doing polishing on an overcast surface? Removing a scratch can be confused with sanding.

There are different kinds of shapes of diverse polishers one can employ to do the polishing. They include;

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  • The cylindrical polishers
  • knife edged types
  • Bullet designs and
  • The wheel plus much more.

You can attach any of these polishers and fit them into their respective mandrels and Dremel tool.

Impressively, these polishers are normally ready to use without any compound. When polishing your glass, ensure your polishing kit is ready. This will save your time and ensure your projects are handled smoothly.

I suggest also you take into account these details for effective polishing using a dremel tool.

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  • Consider starting with the point where the appearance should be scratched and left the weakest.
  • If you also come across larger scratches, it is ideal you start with them.
  • Thereafter, you can use fine accessories to create a more impressive appearance on the glass through regular scratching.

How to polish aluminum with a dremel polishing kit

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Do you have an aluminum that is dull? Aluminum once it stays for some period it can lose its reflective finish.

This is because of harsh weather condition effects, maintenance conditions among other aspects.

Whether you have a motorcycle part, bumper or any other aluminum material you can do polishing on your materials for that shiny look.

All you need to do is use your dremel polishing kit with attachments suited for such dull surfaces. Pay attention to the following steps while polishing your aluminum.

  • Use your Dremel to apply an exhaustive and satisfactory sanding process of the aluminum. I suggest you use, at this point, a heavy grit paper.
  • With the help of a smooth grit paper, you can realize fine grits as you do away with pits and the minor scratches during the polishing. This will help you achieve smooth polishing quickly.

How to use the Dremel to polish glass

Depending on the kind of Dremel you are using, consider unplugging your Dremel from the electrical connection, if your model is cordless. Follow the following steps as you engage your rotary tool.

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  • Check out the collet (a round metal nut used to hold the Dremel attachments tool in place) on your Dremel. At its top part, you need to press and hold its shaft lock button.
  • Thereafter, you need to twist the tip of the Dremel clockwise using your hand until it can’t turn further.
  • Position the collet wrench of the Dremel over the collet nut. After that, turn it counterclockwise to let it loose.
  • Slip the 60-grit sanding drum into the Dremel collet and again turn the wrench of the Dremel clockwise. This will ensure the collet wrench is well tightened to the maximum.
  • Resultantly, connect the power supply cable of the Dremel into the wall power supply socket.
  • Keep holding the Dremel using your forefinger or middle finger near the tip of the Dremel shaft. You need to keep adjusting the speed of the dremel from low to high speed variably. At this point, turn the on/off button, on.
  • While running the Dremel over your aluminum material slowly, apply strokes on its surface moving from side to side. This is to ensure there is sanding in all parts of your aluminum material.
  • Once satisfied that the sanding and polishing is sufficient, you can now turn your Dremel off and disconnect the power supply cable from your power supply socket.
  • You can do the sanding through the same way as numerous times as you may wish until your polishing is perfect. You can replace the grit size interchangeably.
  • Consequently, wipe out your aluminum using a dry washcloth to do away with any particles and dust. You can position your polishing wheel tightened and place the Dremel tip in a can of polishing rouge. This is to allow the polishing rouge application on the polishing wheel.
  • In conclusion, remember, the more polishing rouge applied the high-gloss mirror finish you can achieve on your aluminum.
  • Avoid pressing down on the aluminum using the Dremel tip since the rotary tool is meant to operate effectively on its own. This is to avoid chances of bending or breaking the Dremel polishing attachments.

Other materials used to polish with dremel polishing kit

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  • Stones or gemstones
  • Stainless steel among others


It is imperative to wear appropriate eye protective gear or dust mask to protect yourself. It will be a remarkable idea to wear also a long-sleeved top and apron while doing your polishing.

Additionally, depending on the material you are polishing, ensure you use the appropriate Dremel rotary tool to achieve excellent results.

In addition to that, you can clean up the working surface using a warm soapy solution of water with soft clothing. This will ensure any possible excess polishing composite or dirt is cleaned.

Lastly, it is prudent to dry off the working surface using a soft wool or dry piece of clean soft cloth. Thereafter, store your polishing kit with the Dremel safely for next use.

Your DIY polishing projects should be easy to carry out. Realizing perfect finishes is just the right polishing kit and Dremel away.

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