Dremel 4000 Review: Power in Your Hands

This Dremel 4000 review takes a look at one of the most powerful tools on the market. Rotary tools are a great addition to any set of tools, thanks to their impressive versatility.

I’ve used them for years and I can assure you that nothing beats them for their variety. Whether it is cutting, drilling, or carving, rotary tools are great.

Highlighted Features:

  • The device’s electronic feedback ensures that speed will always be at a constant level.
  • The high-power motor ensures that whatever you do, it will be done properly.
  • Dremel knows that different speeds give different results and have included the option for variable speed.
  • The product has over 25 individual drill heads and an additional 25 accessories to make things easier.
  • With help from the noise cap wrench, changing drill bits is pretty easy.


The Dremel 4000 has some very impressive features.

Electronic Feedback

One of the problems with rotary tools is that they can end up putting too much power into it or too little. This is not one of the problems with Dremel 4000.

This is thanks to the fact that the device has an auto-feedback feature. It will automatically keep it at a level speed.

High-performance Motor

Power is what Rotary tools are all about. This is why you’ll live the high-performance motor inside the Dremel 4000 series.

It doesn’t matter whether you are drilling, cutting, or polishing. This device will deliver on all fronts, so there should be no worries about its performance.

Variable Speed

Different jobs have different requirements. For example, Dremel 4000 brushes clean better at certain speeds.

This is why you can determine how fast the rotor turns with just a turn of the dial. This product gives you absolute control so that it can perform at its best.

Easy Replacement

In any Dremel 4000 vs 4200, the 4200 wins because of its EZ change system. However, the 4000 still makes it easy for you to change its bit like the Dremel 3000

All you need to do is attach and detach. How to change a bit for a Dremel 4000 is easy to learn thanks to the clear instructions in the manual and its nose cap wrench.

Wide Variety

The Dremel 4000 kit has a lot of tool heads that you can choose from. The tools are mainly cutting, polishing, carving, and grinding.

There are over 25 individual bits of the toolkit. This does not include the Dremel 4000 accessories that come with it
Overall, the variety is a good thing for many people since it gives them a lot of possibilities.

What I Like

  • This tool has a lot of of potential uses, thanks to 50 accessories and bits that come with it.
  • The Dremel 4000 is very easy to use and very simple to maintain.
  • The 360 grip allows you to hold it in a variety of positions.
  • Include nose cap wrench makes changing bits easy.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Comparing the Dremel 3000 vs 4000, this product only has one cord for its power needs.
  • At lower levels of speed, the product vibrates a bit too much which is very uncomfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What accessories can I expect with this product?

This product is full of accessories that you will find useful. The main one is the nose cap wrench which makes changing the bit heads easy.

Beyond that, there are individual drill bits, extension cords, and caps. You can even buy more accessories from Dremel to expand it.

What can I use this product for?

This device is very versatile thanks to the various drill bits. You can do some carving/engraving, cutting, grinding/sharpening, cleaning/polishing, and sanding.

Final Verdict

The Dremel 4000 is a great product. With its powerful motor, it should be able to handle most jobs around your home.

Beyond that, the device has a wide variety of bit heads that make it flexible. You can use it from simple polishing to complicated engraving.

I’d seriously recommend buying it if you are in need of a rotary tool upgrade. This Dremel 4000 review should give you a good enough idea of its benefits for you.

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  • Raymond Spruell Feb 17, 2018 @ 8:05

    What is more satisfying about this tool is the fact that it comes with several accessories and drill heads which allows the users to easily adjust according to the task you are executing. This rotary tool gives high performance through the high-power motor that is designed to give very efficient results.

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